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Thanks to revolutionary new technology increasing in the beauty industry over the years, patients can now enjoy satisfying results without committing to more invasive procedures and the high costs that come with them. It’s no surprise that more non-surgical treatments are more popular than ever now. Today we can improve our looks without suffering or breaking the bank. Take a look at some of the most popular treatment trends we’ve seen in the past ten years:

Waxing and shaving have now become things of the past. With the advancements in technology, Laser Hair removal is on the rise. Known in the past for being expensive and painful, it’s now more comfortable and much cheaper than it was 10 years ago. We can also treat a broad range of skin colors where in the past only lighter skin patients were considered candidates. More comfortable, less expensive and permanent hair reduction… you can’t say no to that!

With advancements in laser technology over the last 10 years, it is now possible to reduce, and in some cases remove facial wrinkles, acne scars and brown spots, without minimal disruption and downtime. Skin resurfacing has increased in popularity due to the fact that the skin is constantly exposed to harmful elements, like UV rays, environmental pollutants and even chemicals found in everyday products. Lasers, light based treatments and even skin tightening services have become more affordable, offer little to no downtime, and have become the go-to option for those who want to rejuvenate the skin without risky surgery.

Injectable services such as fillers and neuromodulators are still one of the biggest trends in facial rejuvenation, seeing a total rise of 180% since 2000. Over the years, people are wanting to refresh their looks with less invasive procedures and without the cost that comes with cosmetic plastic surgery. Injectables give pleasing results with hardly any downtime, and can take 5-10 years off the look of the face. Today people are more openly talking about receiving these types of treatments, posting their before and after photos on social media and even encouraging friends and family to meet with their favorite injector. The days of hiding your Botox appointments are long gone!

Men have a growing interest of getting rid of wrinkles, frown lines, and achieving a more youthful, rested look. Over the last 10 years, men receiving medical spa services has risen with the idea that considering non-invasive cosmetic procedures can help them to appear more approachable, to stay competitive in an ever-younger millennial workforce, and to increase their confidence. Botox, fillers, facial services and even laser hair removal are treatment trends that are not slowing down with the male patient.


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