The Vampire Facelift® Arrives in Hawaii

Kim Kardashian had the facial treatment done, and suddenly it was everywhere! Both Kylie and Dannii Minogue have reportedly popularized it Australia, and Demi Moore and Angelina Jolie are said to be devoted to it. So what exactly is the Vampire Facelift®?


The Vampire Facelift® represents an advanced development in anti-aging treatments. It enlivens a dull complexion, improves facial definition, and rejuvenates the face without the time, expense, and risk of surgical procedures. The Vampire Facelift® is a cell therapy procedure, meaning that it harnesses and activates the growth factors found naturally within the body, to stimulate new tissue health and growth.

It gets its name because it uses PRP (platelet rich plasma) developed from the patient’s own blood. A very small amount of blood is drawn, only about two teaspoons, from which the platelets are then separated and extracted from red blood cells by centrifugation. Juvéderm® is first introduced to lift and plump areas of the face that have lost volume, then the activated platelets are introduced to stimulate new collagen production for up to six months after treatment.

PRP cell therapy has been used to treat nerve and soft tissue damage, particularly in sports medicine, as well as to encourage healing and tissue regrowth after bone and muscle injury. The Vampire Facelift® simply applies that exact same technology to rejuvenate the facial area. It’s a game-changing development and we’re thrilled to be the first to introduce this amazing new treatment to the area.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll bring you even more information about the Vampire Facelift®, offered exclusively in Hawaii at Honolulu MedSpa, so keep an eye on this blog, our newsletter, and our social media. Also, stay tuned to learn more about our exciting, upcoming event in July where you can learn more about the treatment.

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