SkinMedica: Good Skin Starts at Home

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At-Home Skincare

While we pride ourselves on our skills and the cutting edge technology we use to treat skin, good skin starts at home. The truth is, flawless skin takes work. Daily and nightly work. We have to eat well, get fresh air, and move, but we also have to use the best products available to truly get that youthful glow. Good skin demands daily care and pampering. It’s worth it.

Our goal for you is for long-term, maximum results, which is why we carry lines that we believe in. If you’re treating your skin the way it deserves day in and day out with consistent care, and then you come in for services, you will experience the cumulative effects of this care doubled by our Med Spa treatments. It’s simple addition that leads to powerhouse results.

Try SkinMedica® 

We love SkinMedica® for so many reasons—from its versatility to its smooth, luxurious feel going on—it provides results for so many of our patients. This month, we have curated a special package of our personal favorites: With the purchase of one Vitamin C&E and one retinol product, you’ll receive a free Total Defense & Repair SPF of your choice.

SkinMedica’s innovative Vitamin C&E uses antioxidants to fight free radicals, and combined with retinol treatments, you can rejuvenate and improve skin tone easily and effectively. Protect your glowing skin with from UV rays with our Total Defense & Repair SPF for healthy skin throughout the year. With a total savings of $68, this is an offer you can’t afford to ignore.

This spring, make a commitment to your skin. Shop our March specials online or visit us in person, we promise to help you find the best product for your skincare needs.

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