Questions? Ask Leilani

Everyone needs that one special friend who always knows where to find the best of everything. Not only will she lend you the perfect outfit for date night, but she’ll fill you in on the best new restaurants, and help you apply your make-up. At Honolulu MedSpa, let Leilani Ludviksen, be your guide and new best friend when it comes to choosing the very best in beauty treatments. An expertly trained Aesthetic Nurse Injector, Leilani loves teaching patients about our multiple facial contouring products, and is guaranteed to help you contour and sculpt your features in a way that best highlights your natural beauty.

Introducing AquaGold® and Kybella® Treatments

This December, Leilani is excited to book appointments for our new treatment specials, featuring AquaGold® and Kybella® treatments. If you’re ready to experience the latest in microchanneling technology, consider booking a free consultation to learn how AquaGold transforms your face without the inconvenience of surgery or long recovery times. The innovative AquaGold® device uses microscopic needles to deliver a customized beauty treatment solution directly into the skin. Less invasive than laser treatments, AquaGold® patients report seeing results almost immediately after application, and leave our MedSpa looking visibly younger and refreshed.

Beauty is Never One Size Fits All

Since beauty is never a one-size-fits all experience, the experts at Honolulu MedSpa love AquaGold® because it delivers truly extraordinary results. Many of our patients use AquaGold to complement laser treatments and dermal fillers, perfectly highlighting their firmer skin and contoured features. Meet with Leilani and our other highly experienced clinicians to find out how AquaGold can work for you.

Honolulu MedSpa is also pleased to offer new Kybella® treatments. Kybella®is one of the only FDA-Approved products designed to treat and reduce the appearance of submental fat deposits. If you are struggling with the appearance of a stubborn “double chin,” Kybella® injections can minimize the appearance of sagging or fullness along the jawline-leaving your profile looking smooth and youthful. Safe, effective and permanent, Kybella® is composed of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule already produced in the body. Deoxycholic acid stimulates the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat, helping the body flush out fat deposits while increasing self-healing collagen production. This highly effective combination allows our patients to look younger, and feel more confident.

So why wait until the new year to start looking your best? Contact Honolulu MedSpa to book an appointment or a complimentary consultation to learn more about our new services. There’s no wrong time to enhance your natural beauty, and our staff is ready and waiting to help you choose the products and treatments that are best for you!

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