Q&A: Treatment Packages at Honolulu MedSpa

175904368-592x299We put a lot of effort into building not just individual treatment programs, but effective treatment package offers as well to help our patients save time, energy, and money when undergoing a therapy that require multiple appointments. One question we often get is, “How do you put those appointment packages together?”


Generally manufacturers say it takes 4-6 sessions of most skin services for patients to get a good result. We tend to sell packages of 3 sessions with our skin services because we’ve found that our patients get great results with only 3, which is a huge testament to the quality of the technology we use and to the skill/capability of our operators. By selecting the highest performing treatment options, plus training our staff to meticulously high levels of expertise, we are able to offer packages that concentrate the benefits of care to help patients achieve better results faster. Ultimately our patients save money because, not only do we offer the best prices in Hawaii, they need fewer sessions with us than they typically need with other offices.

The treatments we feature at Honolulu MedSpa are hugely operator dependent. Think of it like driving a car. No matter how great the car is, ultimately the ride only as safe and amazing as the driver!  It’s worth it to us to provide you better quality services in fewer treatments because we know that’s what you are looking for: solutions to skin and body care needs that leave you looking and feeling fabulously, without breaking the bank.

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