Product Spotlight: SkinMedica

We evaluate every product that we carry extremely carefully; we only sell products that we use ourselves and feel absolutely enthusiastic about recommending to our clients. Occasionally we’ve been asked why we carry the products we do, so we thought we’d do a series on them to explain and introduce you to them if you weren’t already acquainted. First stop, the SkinMedica line

We believe in healing skin; we want to make treatments available that actually repair and refresh your skin, instead of trying to just halt future damage or simply manage your current concerns. Which means we look for products that complement our goal of healing and improving. SkinMedica’s philosophy of tapping into the innate healing capabilities of skin really echoes what Honolulu MedSpa is all about.

Combining potent ingredients like Vitamins A and C and retinol, Skin Medica products target all the major skin concerns that our clients express to us. Many over the counter products contain these ingredients, but unfortunately they do not always work the way buyers hope. These ingredients can often be misused or applied incorrectly by people who don’t understand their strength, causing further damage to skin. Which is why finding a line of products that can combine them properly is so important. SkinMedica’s formulas provide a powerful punch to fine lines, sagging skin, discoloration, and poor texture while protecting and nourishing your skin so that these powerhouse ingredients can do their job.

From elasticity and dull tone to blemishes and scarring, we have found SkinMedica products to deliver medical grade treatment that address our clients’ concerns better than any other brand of products. Which is why we are so thrilled to offer them!


Still have questions? Not a problem! Give us a call, our medical aestheticians are always happy to consult with you and your skin needs and to help you get it looking healthy and radiant!

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