Product Spotlight: Latisse®

We don’t tend to think about our eyelashes, but they are actually a chief feature of our face. Long, healthy lashes make you look younger, more awake, and eliminate the need for mascara in a pinch. What’s not to like?

However a lot of things can affect the length and strength of our lashes. Age tends to thin them, and things like diet and stress can affect them the same way they affect the hair on your scalp. Luckily it’s possible to treat sparse and thinning lashes (the technical term for this condition is called hypotrichosis) with Latisse®.


Latisse® is the first FDA approved treatment to enhance your natural lashes. It’s active ingredient is bimatoprost (0.03%), which is used in many treatments to the eye area. Latisse® is to be used once a day along the lashline to stimulate growth of your lashes.

With every product that you put on or in your body to treat a specific issue, it is important to get it from a credible source. Latisse® has become so popular and has proved so effective, that it has spawned a lot of copycat products, of varying degrees of effectiveness and safety. It should only be procured through doctors and qualified medical spas.

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