Product Spotlight – IS Clinical Eye Complex

The skin around our eyes is very thin, quite delicate…and often completely forgotten about! But the truth is it doesn’t matter how lovely your eyes are (and they are, by the way, no two are alike in the world!), if you don’t care for the area they rest in. Enter IS Clinical Eye Complex.

Bright sunlight (which not only causes harm on a cellular level, but can also can cause us to scrunch up our brows or squint, a precursor to some kinds of wrinkling), lack of hydration, inadequate sleep, stress, improperly removed makeup, and a host of other factors can lead the delicate skin around our eyes to age and breakdown prematurely. Unfortunately another word for all these issues is everyday life. But a little care can keep these factors from showing up on your face.

Because the area around our eyes is so delicate, and the eye itself needs to be protected from harmful items, we are very careful in recommending products to treat it. But we became smitten with IS Clinical Eye Complex because it’s both gentle and highly effective to treat all of the most common issues that our clients bring to us.

IS Clinical Eye Complex encourages cell turnover and improves collagen production. The result is better hydrated and fuller skin, reduced lines, wrinkles, and discoloration, and strengthened protection against environmental factors. All that everyday life pesky-ness. We can’t help with the stress or the sleeplessness, but we can help you make sure you’re looking radiant in spite of it all.

If you’re interested in trying IS Clinical Eye Complex, or any of the medical grade products we carry, call us today for a consultation!

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