Post-Holiday Recovery: 5 Simple Skincare Solutions for Getting Back on Track

The holidays have flown by, and if you had a little too much wine and cake, broke a few rules, and stayed up past your bedtime—well, good for you! It’s called the ‘festive’ season for a reason.

However, when skin is overwhelmed by too many toxins and too little sleep, indulgences can show up as excess oil, dullness, and inflammation. Not pretty. Now that January is here, it’s time to purify and revitalize so we can face the new year with a fresh, healthy glow.

Here are five tips to get your skin back on track after the holidays:

1) Do a simple detox at home—Start by supporting and speeding up your body’s natural cleansing process. There are lots of ways to do this.

Greet the mornings with a glass of warm water with ginger and lemon first thing. Sip cinnamon tea throughout the day to rebalance sugar levels, or turmeric-infused water to counter inflammation. If you went big over the holidays, why not try a short, properly monitored juice fast? Or eat raw vegan for a few days to give your body a chance to recover.

Dry skin body brushing is the perfect habit to start in the post-holiday season. Use a natural bristle brush to stimulate circulation and clear the skin as it eliminates toxins.

2) Take a break from your cosmetic products—This one works best if you’re also taking a break from your social calendar. Often when we lay off the makeup, fragrances, and chemicals often found in cosmetics, we find our skin can heal and breathe on its own. Go product-free for a week and see if you don’t love the results. At the very least, be sure you set a regular weekly schedule to deep clean your makeup brushes and applicators. These are huge bacteria carrying culprits. This does not mean you should lay off your skincare routine, however, as these are intended to nourish and treat the skin with consistent vital nutrients.

TIP: You can also take a break on a deeper level, by giving yourself more sleep, and napping when you need it.

3) Supply your skin with more nutrients—Skip the sugar and pack your blender full of healthy super foods for super-charged skin recovery. Drink one green smoothie a day to get a radiant glow your friends will envy!

If smoothies are not your thing, reach for the bright green, red, and purple fruits and veggies—they’re bursting with antioxidants. Eat them raw to get the full benefits. You can also round out your diet plan with a supplement that includes essential oils and vitamins.

4) Clarify and hydrate with a medical grade facial—At Honolulu Med Spa, we have two best-selling facials that are perfect for January’s skin challenges. Our HydraFacial Liquid Microdermabrasion (Currently on special, Jan 2017) gently exfoliates dead cells, tightens pores, and softens skin. Around this time, patients also love our Clarity Deep Pore Cleansing Facial. This detoxifying facial targets breakouts, clogged pores and blackheads, and uses antibacterial serums to calm and clear skin.

5) Map your skincare plan with a specialist—Serious about skincare? Then plan your regimen for 2017 with the help of a professional. Book a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable medical aestheticians to get a customized treatment plan for the coming year. Based on your expectations, health, history, physiology, and budget, we’ll personalize a plan of action just for you.

Give us a call or visit our Hawaii med spa to make this the year you reach your skincare goals!

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