Live Pono: 10 Skincare and Beauty Resolutions You Can Stick to in 2017

Achievable Beauty Goals for Feeling and Looking Your Best in 2017

Sure, you never sleep with makeup, always moisturize, and slather on sunscreen religiously, but there is always room for improved routine maintenance and Honolulu MedSpa treatments throughout the year for upkeep and wrinkle prevention. Prep for a year of radiant skin with these 10 smart and easy resolutions (you will actually want to keep). Trust us, your future self will thank you for it!

    1. Start fresh with clean pillowcases, brushes and products—Here’s a feel-good first step to take for you skin in 2017. Wash your pillowcases and keep a stack of clean ones ready to change at least once a week. Give your makeup brushes a sudsy bath and de-clutter the expired makeup and facial products on your dresser (you know the ones we’re talking about.)
    2. Book a yearly check-up with your dermatologist—Get on this one and you won’t have to worry about it later. A yearly body scan is not just for peace of mind. Skin cancer is preventable and early detection is crucial.
    3. Book your monthly Hydrafacial® Liquid Microdermabrasion—Seriously. This is an anti-aging miracle treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, and rejuvenates the skin. The benefits are endless, but think: reduced pore size, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smoother, acne-free skin.
    4. Get to know your personal skin profile—Still don’t know your skin profile? Eliminate the guesswork and schedule a complimentary consultation with a Honolulu MedSpa skincare expert. The goal here is to know the products, timelines and techniques that are effective (and enjoyable) for you. Regardless of your profile, make 2017 the year of total skin hydration—Moisturize, baby.
    5. Treat your neck, chest and hands too—This coming year, remember to spend a little time caring for areas in addition to your face. Your hands, chest, and décolleté also speak volumes about your age and health. From AFT/IPL to injectables, there are a number of solutions for de-aging these assets.
    6. Be consistent—It takes time for any product or regimen to work, and it’s hard to see results if you’re always springing for samples or switching up your treatments too soon. Choose wisely, then give whatever you’ve chosen enough time to work. Remember, the skin needs time to turn over its old cells to reveal new ones, but you can always up the anty and opt for a facial treatment to boost the turnover time.
    7. Eat (and drink) for your skin—Could this be the year you master the art of juicing or mixing amazing smoothies? If not, at least look into adding more antioxidant- and vitamin-rich fruits and veggies into your diet. Eating fresh and healthy is a proven route to a glowing complexion. And, need we mention, drink more water? Make it goal to have a glass or bottle on hand, day in and day out.
    8. Accept and enhance—Just be you. No one else can do it better. Own it. Love it and let your confidence shine by accepting what can’t be changed, while learning how to highlight your best features instead. If you’re not sure what those are, ask your friends! Still have that nagging “problem area”? Chances are, a complimentary Honolulu MedSpa consultation with a body-sculpting or skincare expert will help you arrive at an affordable, realistic, and healthy solution to help you feel and look your ultimate best.
    9. Try something new—If something sparks your interest and makes you curious, don’t be scared to give it a try just once. It may be a new type of yoga (great for your skin) a new treatment suggested by your Honolulu MedSpa skincare expert. You’re only going to experience this year once, after all.
    10. Live. Love. Laugh.—Add this phrase to your daily vocabulary and, we promise, you’ll feel better altogether. We do, after all, live in the top location known as the happiest, healthiest, and least stressed-out state.


Inspired to make these skincare resolutions your own? Visit us at Honolulu Med Spa to discover world-class treatments or to have a personalized treatment plan made just for you.

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