Introducing SkinCeuticals®

This month we’re pleased to announce the expansion our medical-grade product offerings to the incredible SkinCeuticals® line. Those of you who subscribe to our newsletter may have heard about this already, or you may have noticed our updated product page, but we wanted to take a moment to introduce it to you properly!

So why did we choose to expand our product offerings to include them?

SkinCeuticalsSkinCeuticals® was initially developed as a result of skin cancer research, and a strong ethos of preventative runs through the entire line, which appealed to us when researching them as a potential vendor. Their philosophy, Prevent, Protect, Correct, is very much in line with what we try to do here at Honolulu MedSpa. We don’t want to just help you heal past skin damage, we want to help you keep your skin healthy and radiant moving forward.

SkinCeuticals® is primarily known for its serum based treatments (and you know how we love serums!). This allows for well balanced, but highly effective concentrations of ingredients to penetrate the skin and get to work correct specific concerns and protecting against damage and aging. Their formulas combine powerful antioxidants and Vitamin C for strengthening, brightening, and revitalizing products that achieve high results.

Their treatments focus on all of the most common skincare issues we hear about from our patients, such as dullness, discoloration, and sun damage. All of these are major concerns here in Hawaii, and it’s our biggest priority to provide the highest quality treatments, products, and care to our patient community. We work hard to connect patients to the products that will best help them, and we are very enthusiastic about bringing SkinCeuticals® on board to help us with that goal.

Every individual product we offer at Honolulu MedSpa is rigorously researched and evaluated, so you can imagine how much work and preparation goes choosing an entire line. We only offer products that meet our exacting standards and that we are willing to stand behind, recommend to our patients, and use ourselves.

We will be phasing out some of our older products but but don’t worry, we’re still carrying most of your favorite, such as Lytera. If you have any questions about which products will still be available, or are excited to learn more about SkinCeuticals®, give us a call. We would love to book you a complimentary consultation to discuss your skincare needs and help you get to know this amazing new line.

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