Inside Honolulu MedSpa: Meet Kanoe Oda

Skincare and Beauty

“You should have a genuine interest in Skincare and beauty, and in people and wanting to help them. You need to be a team player” – Kanoe Oda


Get to know more about the people you’ll meet at Honolulu Med Spa with our insider interviews! We wouldn’t be considered the top med spa in Hawaii if not for our outstanding team. This week, meet Kanoe Oda, a 32-year-old Medical Aesthetician & Laser Technician. Kanoe took a break from her daily duties performing facials, chemical peels and laser hair removal to talk to us.

Read on to find out why she loves her job, her favorite facial treatment, and what’s in her bag right now.


Tell us about you. Were you always interested in beauty and skin care?

Yes, taking care of my skin and feeling good was always important to me ever since I was little. Ending up in the skin care and medical field was a perfect fit for me.


What’s a typical day like at Honolulu MedSpa?

Meeting and getting to know new people, catching up with patients, exchanging helpful health and beauty tips. I never really have a “typical” day here. Everyday is unique and I love that.


What qualities do you think someone needs to have to be able to do your job well?

They should have genuine interest in skincare and beauty, and in people and wanting to help them. You need to be a team player.


What’s your favorite treatment to perform for your patients?

The Express Facial. That’s because I like focusing on cleansing the skin and having extra time at the end to recommend products to fit our patients’ specific needs.


What’s the nicest thing a patient has said to you?

The first patient who ever requested me said that I was hands-down the best laser technician she’s ever had. That made me really happy.


What is the biggest misunderstanding people have about your job?

It may not always seem like it, but it’s a very physical job.


What would you say to someone who’s never been to a medical spa before?

We will probably have more to offer you than you than you realize and you won’t have to spend your life savings either.


What do you think makes Honolulu MedSpa the #1 facility on the islands?

We have something to offer anyone and everyone.


What’s the best part of what you do?

Helping people look and feel better about themselves.


Famous last words?

Happiness is created, not found.


Eager to meet more of the Honolulu MedSpa team? Our med spa is open to welcome you six days a week. Drop by to book your complimentary consultation and get a personalized treatment plan for your skin. We’ll be waiting for you!

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