Honolulu, Welcome the 4D Facelift

Honolulu Fotona 4D Facelift

The Non-Invasive Laser Facelift—4 Dimensions for Dramatic Results

We love all things new: new skin, new experiences, new breakthroughs! That’s why we’re so excited to present an impressive new skin therapy that’s just arrived at Honolulu MedSpa: The 4D Facelift!

Combining the power of two laser wavelengths and four different treatment modes, this groundbreaking technology works to improve both superficial and deep skin structures. Based on your individual needs and goals, the 4D Facelift uses some or all four modes in a session providing a multi-dimensional aesthetic treatment with real results.

The 4D Facelift at Honolulu MedSpa is:

  • An exceptionally results-oriented treatment—These are highly customized to target specific concerns.
  • Comfort-driven—Procedures can be performed without anesthesia.
  • Convenient and ideal for any time of the year—There is no downtime and you can jump right back into your daily activities.

Curious about how the 4 dimensions of the 4D Facelift work?

Here’s a quick overview:

SmoothLift®—In this mode, we perform intraoral tightening which plumps nasolabial folds from the inside out and improves elasticity. The device’s controlled and gentle bulk-heating also stimulates the growth of new collagen fibers. Very important for adding volume and lift!

FRAC3®—During the rejuvenation stage, we use Nd:YAG Laser to apply microscopic pinpoint heat over the surface of the skin. This mode can help treat specific deeper imperfections and restore a more youthful texture.

PIANO®—During this mode, we focus the treatment on exterior facial skin tightening. Ultra-long Nd:YAG pulses heat bulk tissues safely and rapidly. Your skincare specialist will use a brushing technique to ensure all areas are safely addressed.

SupErficial™—Finally, the fourth mode of the Fotona4D™ is designed to provide a light peel for your skin. Er:YAG ablation acts like a cold, controlled peel, revealing a fresh, pearly finish.

If you’re looking for an effective treatment to rejuvenate and lift the appearance of your skin, the 4D Facelift will be your new favorite therapy. Call today and our amazing staff will be happy to book your first treatment.

See you at Honolulu MedSpa!

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