Honolulu MedSpa in 2015

 As the number one medical spa in Hawaii, we make it our mission to provide the best and latest treatments to the community. Our motto is “Best technology, best staff, best prices,” for a reason. You’re going to be seeing a lot of exciting things from us in the coming months as we expand our motto to include new services and even more community events. Keep an eye out here and on our events page to stay in the know.

But for now, Dr. Yeo shares his thoughts on the new year and our personal team focus for 2015:

Choon Kia Yeo, MDBecause we offer so many treatments (and have even more coming your way in 2015!) we often have patients come in who aren’t sure what it is exactly that they want, but they know they want something. Usually, when we consult with these patients, we discover that, yes they want to improve an aspect of their skin or figure…but that what really want overall is to look and feel happier.

And to want to look and feel happy is a wonderful goal!

Good, healthy, clear skin and confidence in your body’s shape and form does make you feel happier. Which is why we focus on the procedures that we do at Honolulu MedSpa. Our aim to provide treatments that help patients achieve or restore a youthful, bright, and radiant look that leaves them confident in their own skin.

Maintaining and enhancing natural beauty is our goal, which is why our services include improving skin tone and texture, softening and reducing lines and wrinkles, restoring color to the complexion, protecting and moisturizing the skin to provide a healthy, plump look, and maintaining the beautiful lines of the face and body.

We work with our patients to achieve their goals. Every treatment plan is personally tailored to an individual’s need and, where budget is an issue, the priority is always to provide recommendations that will give the best return for our patient’s investment. Our mission is ultimately to make our patients happy with the results, and with our A-Team in the office.

As Dr. Yeo says, “We are all born beautiful.” Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty, and radiance to make you look and feel more happy and confident. To give you the beautiful skin you were born with, to restore the natural curves and definition of the body, and to make sure you leave our office happy after every visit.

We can’t wait to welcome you, back or for the first time, in 2015!

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