Healthy Weight Loss: 3 Strategies for Long-Term Results

weight-lossKloe Kardashian and Sam Smith were at the top of the headlines just a few weeks ago for showing off their incredible weight loss transformations. While just about every week, there is a news story revealing some sort of new trend sweeping the celebrity circles, these stories however, were just a bit different. In these two celebrity cases, we see that Kardashian and Smith stuck to good, old fashioned healthy weight loss strategies: making healthy choices, working towards their goals, and sticking with a straightforward, portion-controlled diet and exercise routine to achieve weight loss.

Healthy weight loss strategies, as opposed to quick fix, “miracle” pills or shakes, have a higher likelihood in supporting long-term weight maintenance goals. We all know this, but for those of us who struggle with weight issues, short-cuts seem so much more appealing. In the end, however, it’s what we put in that we get out. Put in good, clean food; get a smaller waistline. Put in time moving; get a firmer body. It really is as simple as that. It’s how we get there that can be the biggest challenge.

Fortunately, there are some tried and true methods and available resources to help keep you focused on your healthy weight loss goals:

Define your motivations. Take some time as you are planning for your health overhaul and write down your motivations. These can be as simple as fitting the little black dress or walking your daughter down the isle. Post notes of encouragement or reminders of your goals in visible places so that you can call on your motivations during moments of self-doubt or weakness. Keep them close so that you can continually weigh out the pros to feeling good in long term as opposed to the very, very short-term (think cupcake versus self-satisfaction at your high-school reunion).

Know your body. Like we mentioned, we all know that diet and exercise are the keys to weight loss success. However, we are individuals with unique physiological makeups. The caloric intake and exercise requirements for your partner are likely entirely different than your own. Know your body and know how to optimize its unique capabilities.

Honolulu MedSpa provides Metabolic Testing to help patients determine their resting metabolic rate, or the rate at which the body burns calories without expending energy. This tool can be extremely effective in helping you set your goals and determining a plan for caloric intake and the amount of exercise required to lose weight at a healthy pace.

Set realistic goals. In most cases, healthy weight loss involves losing one to two pounds per week. In some cases, more weight can dropped, but it is always important that you involve your primary care physician or a medical professional in the process so that you have the tools to maintain adequate nutrition and safety. Establish what you want to lose and clearly define how you will achieve the weight loss. This can be 30 minutes on the treadmill, six days a week or 40 minutes of any cardio (of any kind), five days a week while the kids are at karate.

In some cases, a strictly monitored weight loss program, such as the HCG Medically Supervised Diet, can speed up the process and have lasting results. Rapid weight loss occurs on this diet due to an extremely limited caloric intake and daily injections of HCG, however, this diet is overseen by a medical professional and can be safely implemented under the right direction.

Again, while we all know increased exercise and decreased calories leads to weight loss, the ultimate goal should be long-term healthy weight loss. Our bodies are worthy of care and attention through the right strategies. Short cuts will inevitably get you lost. HMS is here to help keep you on that path to looking and feeling your best!

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