View from Diamond Head Hike

So many people love Hawaii for the many outdoor adventures. Endless hiking trails, kayaking, surfing and a variety of water activities can sure keep us busy. Every year, we reclaim our title of healthiest state in the country, because of our healthy lifestyle and love for outdoor activities. Study shows that the ocean greatly reduces stress, and by regularly spending time near the ocean, positive effects to the brain can occur. Not only that, our aloha spirit and gentle pace is one of the best reasons why Hawaii is truly the best place to call home.

Here is our guide for the best of health and wellness in Hawaii:


Da Cove Health Bar and Cafe- This is a great spot near the famous Diamond Head Crater hike. They have the best acai bowls, fresh smoothies, juices and also wraps. (Probably the best acai bowls in Honolulu!)

Bogart’s Cafe- Just next door to Da Cove, is this newly renovated local hot-spot! They have the best coffee, bagel/bagel spreads (homemade cream cheese), and everything eggs. They also have a heavier meal menu if you’re wanting something a little more hearty! This place is a must.

Leahi Health- This is a great plant-based restaurant where they take pride in using the healthiest, organic ingredients in all of their smoothies, sandwiches and salads. With 3 locations throughout the island (Aina Haina, Kaimuki and Kailua), you can be sure to find this spot wherever you are on the island. They have the best tacos and the yummiest smoothies!

Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha- If you’re wanting the best all-natural shaved ice for a sweet treat, look no further than Uncle Clay’s! Their syrups are homemade with all natural ingredients and use no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors! Once you have this shaved ice, you will understand what we mean… It’s a taste of pure aloha!


Rum Fire- Not only do that have great drinks, but the view here is incredible and a great spot to feel like a tourist or bring guests. Happy Hour is 3-5:00 P.M. daily.

Mai Tai Bar at the Royal Hawaiian- They own the name Mai-Tai Bar for a reason. They truly have the best mai-tai’s in Hawaii. Happy Hour is 4-7:00 daily.

Doraku Waikiki- If you love sake, this is a spot to come to for happy hour. They offer not only a great drink menu, but also food menu! Happy hour is 4-6:00 daily.

Alohilani- a newer hotel in Waikiki that offers an infinity pool and gorgeous happy hour deck. A 280,000-gallon indoor Oceanarium which is great to see during feeding times and two restaurants by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. They have a luxurious club and spa which offer fitness and yoga classes, and also two complimentary tennis courts.

If you’re wanting to do more outdoor activities, you can also download the app MEETUP and search for things to do with groups, which is always fun! Share your passion or find a workout buddy!


Diamond Head hike- Even though it might be touristy, this is one of the most iconic hikes with panoramic views. This is a hike that the entire family can do that it’s a very simple trail that takes up 25 min. up if you have a moderate pace.

Pillbox hike- This is another short hike with incredible views of Lanikai’s twin islands, It is one of the most picturesque hikes and moderately easy.

Beach Sunset Yoga in Waikiki- You can actually do this both morning and sunset every day right in the heart of Waikiki beach, next to Waikiki Aquarium. You must reserve online here.

We look forward to hearing about your fun this summer. We sure are lucky we live Hawaii!

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