Health and Beauty Kryptonite: Picking

It’s one of the very worst things you can do to your skin…and it’s sometimes the most tempting thing possible! You want that blackhead out of your pore, or you get a zit or full breakout just before a major event. Allergies cause scaly patches, or whiteheads spring up overnight – can’t you just pop them yourself?


Step away from the mirror!

Whether it’s a nervous habit, something you do without realizing it, or a so-called-harmless part of your nightly routine, stop! The truth is that a lot of skin damage is self-inflicted, and the worst culprit is picking at or touching our problem areas.

Our hands and fingers come into contact with literally hundreds of things a day and all of them have dirt, grime, and bacteria on them, even if invisible to the naked eye. Touching your face introduces these to whatever is already on your skin, which can slow the healing process for current acne or provoke new breakouts. It can also increase your chances of discoloration, scarring, and other permanent changes to your skin’s tone and texture.

The difference (and it is a big difference) between treating your own face and having a medical aesthetician do it is that a medical spa will typically have a cleaner environment than the average home counter top and specific tools and products that don’t puncture or inflame your skin the way most tools made for home use do. In addition the procedures available at a medical spa can help prevent breakouts and chronic skin issues in the future.

If you’re dealing with problem areas, it may be that you’re touching or interfering with your face more than you realize. Minimize these effects by washing your hands thoroughly before putting them in contact with those areas, and always properly cleanse them every day. Try to be aware of your unconscious habits and pay attention to how often your fingers come in contact with areas where you regularly breakout. Make a resolution to leave your skin alone and let it heal itself whenever blemishes pop up.

If you do have persistent problems with your skin, whether on your face, back, arms, or chest, take them to the professionals. There are treatments for almost every condition and issue out there, from medical grade facials to laser procedures to serums. A Honolulu MedSpa aesthetician can develop a plan tailored to you and your skin’s needs.

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