Groundbreaking Stretch Mark Study Opportunity!

Ladies! Anyone out there with stretch marks?

Well, we have some very exciting news! Cynosure, the manufacturers of the PicoSure Tattoo Removal and FOCUS Lens Array laser systems, are bringing an exciting new treatment study to Hawaii and have chosen Honolulu MedSpa as their partner.

Cynosure’s laser treatments are approved to treat uneven tone and texture, aging issues, diminished elasticity and firmness, and other concerns. Now, the company has received permission to test the laser’s ability to address stretch marks.

So, what does this mean?

We are looking for patients to participate in this study! In exchange for participation, selected patients will receive a course of laser therapy treatment to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen, absolutely free of charge. A single treatment of this kind would normally cost $750, making this a significant savings opportunity.

What is the treatment, exactly?

Stretch marks are a form of largely internal scarring, which often accompanies pregnancy and weight gain or loss. As the skin expands and contracts, the dermis (the layer of your skin which is naturally elastic) breaks down leaving behind the common markings. Most stretch marks start out darkly pigmented but fade to a pale or silvery shade. Until recently stretch marks have been considered more or less permanent. There have been some topical treatments that are largely ineffective, or more drastic options like surgery. But laser resurfacing technology is now leading the way and showing dramatic improvement to treated skin areas.

Just like fractal resurfacing on any other area of the body, lasers treat stretch mark areas to produce new collagen and epithelium. This stimulates skin cell turnover, which dramatically reduces the appearance of stretch marks and works to fade them over the course of treatment.

How this study works:

Interested patients will need to contact us to schedule a consultation to evaluate your skin tone and type and to document the area you are looking to treat.

Selected candidates will be offered the chance to participate in a “split abdomen” study, which means that initially only one half of the abdomen will be treated. This is to better compare the treated and untreated skin – but sit tight, it doesn’t end there!

After the study—which involves documenting the treated area again and a few follow up visits—concludes, Honolulu MedSpa will complete the other half of your treatment area at absolutely no cost to you. By participating in this study, you will receive an entire treatment course entirely free.

Ready to get started?

Simply call our office directly at 808-528-0888 or use the contact page of our website to get in touch. We’ll get you scheduled for a 30-minute consultation where we’ll assess your skin type and tone and add your name to our list of potential candidates.

This is a very exciting opportunity and we expect our available consultation appointment slots to fill up fast. Call today to secure your spot!

The fine print:

All prospective patients who are selected must be willing to give a full media consent – this means your name, testimonial, and treatment pictures will be made available publicly. You also must be willing to support the spa for subsequent stretch mark events; to meet with interested patients in person, who may wish to get testimonials of the treatment and results, and to talk about your firsthand experience. Selected candidates will also need to be willing to go on our list of patients who are comfortable having other prospective patients call them to discuss their experience with their treatment.

Basically, you agree to be willing to be open about your personal experience with this study and receiving treatment with us. You’ll join our community of patients and must be willing to be open about your experience with both the technology and with our office.

This is standard practice for these kinds of studies, but if you have any questions about what agreeing to this media consent means, we are happy to answer them and cover all your concerns at the initial consultation.

If you are interested in participating and receiving treatment for your unwanted stretch marks, get contact us today. We are ready to begin personal consultations to review the study plan and options with you. Call our office directly at 808-528-0888 or use the contact page of our website to get in touch!

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