Get To Know: Venus Freeze®

Venus Freeze® is a skin and body treatment used to target loose skin and cellulite and to remove volume from problem areas. The process is entirely non-invasive, one of the reasons it’s so popular. Magnetic pulses and radio frequency are used to firm and heat the skin, encouraging collagen production, and lift whole body areas.

The treatment itself is very comfortable, it’s been compared to the sensation of a hot stone massage, and can be used on all body areas to target a number of concerns. From skin firming due to age or weight loss, to smoothing cellulite, and generally achieving a trimmer silhouette, it really can’t be beat!

Venus Freeze.png

A personalized plan will be developed between you and your medical aesthetician to target the areas you want to see treated. Some of the most popular areas include the neck and decolletage, back tummy, legs, and arms. There is absolutely no downtime associated with an appointment. A course of multiple treatments will usually be required to get the results you want but each body is different and most of our patients notice improvement after their first visit.

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