Four Tips for Fighting Dehydration this Summer


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Fight Dehydration with These Four Tips

We are blessed as residents of Hawaii, no doubt about it. We have beautiful weather throughout the year; however, July and August are our “hot” months. We’re in the midst of our summer season, which calls for a quick public service announcement: Hydrate yourself!

Water is the essence of life. We are surrounded by it, we use it every day in countless ways, and yet we often forget to drink enough of it! In fact, about 60% of our bodies are made up of water, with 75% stored in our muscles and 85% percent in our brains! It’s our job to make sure our bodies are hydrated enough to run smoothly and help us feel ready for the world. Here are some tips for keeping hydrated:

  1. We all need water, but how much? Most experts agree that we should take in half our weight in ounces daily. In addition to regular water intake throughout the day, the amount of sweat you lose during exercise should be replenished as soon as possible. In fact, for every pound of perspiration lost, a pint (that’s 16 ounces) of water should be taken in.
  2. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Keep a stash of water in your bag and make it your mission to refill at every stop you make, every errand you run. Your goal is to keep water running through your water bottle and into your body throughout the day!
  3. Spice or sweeten up your water with an infuser. Choose berries, cucumbers, mint, lemon—get creative! Give your water some punch by adding these natural, satiating flavors to your daily intake.
  4. Redefine soda! By combining some sparkling mineral water (no salt, no artificial flavors) with a couple drops of honey or a splash of citrus, you’ll feel refreshed and invigorated—without the extra calories and crippling side effects that come with traditional soda.

Dehydration is extremely common because we’re busy people taking care of other busy people, working hard, and moving! It’s important to stop and remind ourselves of our basic needs throughout the day—that way we can continue to take care of our loved ones and ourselves while we operate at our maximum capacity!

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