Dr. Yeo Talks: Aging

Choon Kia Yeo, MDSigns of aging can start appearing in your skin as early as your 20-30’s depending on your care and lifestyle habits and one of the most noticeable changes is typically a loss of volume. As we age, the smile lines deepen, the lips thin, and the cheeks flatten. Around the upper facial area, this loss of volume often appears around the eyes with sunken temples and eyebrows. It’s not uncommon even for eyelids to begin to sag, which in some cases can even obstruct vision. All of this is normal and natural, but it’s not always welcome.

The other major aging elements to skin are stress and the sun. Facial lines are very dependent on expression, so furrowed brows or frowns can leave an impact, while sun exposure can trigger a further loss of elasticity and even changes to the pigmentation.

The key to restoring a healthy, natural, youthful appearance, is to target all of these elements with treatments designed to work in tandem to restore beautiful shape, color, and texture to the face.

Our concept at Honolulu MedSpa is simple: we restore lost volume with fillers so you can retain a beautiful, youthful shape and combine laser, medical peels, and other surface treatments to target sun spots and hyperpigmentation. By crafting treatment plants that use multiple technologies at once, the results we are able to achieve are amazing.

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