Dr. Yeo on the Vampire Facelift®

Choon Kia Yeo, MDOur Vampire® treatment series has been wildly popular, and for good reason! Cell therapy is the very cutting edge of skin care and rejuvenation treatment technology. Well, hold on to your hats because the third Vampire® treatment is launching in October. The Vampire Laser Facial® combines the powerful skin rejuvenating capabilities of laser technology with nourishing PRP for an unprecedented anti-aging results!

Stay tuned to learn more. In the meantime, we asked Dr. Yeo to tell us more about the Hollywood favorite Vampire Facelift® and what it can help patients achieve.

“Our patients are all beautiful, we are very fortunate that we are able to enhance their natural beauty,” Dr. Yeo says. “The goal is a lovely, natural facial shape and the careful introduction of Juvéderm® and PRP is what allows us to create it. We focus on small areas that show signs of aging early on and benefit from the ability of PRP to stimulate new tissue strength and growth.”

One of the reasons the Vampire Facelift® is so popular is that it is an alternative to expensive and invasive surgeries that significantly change the structure of the face. While this may be the goal for some, most patients interested in rejuvenation don’t want to look like a new person…they want to look like themselves. Only younger!

The goal, Dr. Yeo explains, is not about changing structure of the face, it’s about making sure the features look their best. When treating signs of aging, two of the most important elements to focus on are facial shape and volume; the Vampire Facelift® is designed specifically to treat both.

“For example,” he says, “in restoring the natural, youthful look of the face, it’s not about the cheek bone. It’s about having a smooth, rounded cheek  that suits the facial shape of the patient. A healthy, plump cheek will naturally reflect more light and blend seamlessly with the neck and other features to look more youthful and radiant.”

Cheeks aren’t alone. most facial features can be treated with the Vampire Facelift®, including the temples, lips, the sides of the mouth, and brows. The result is an amazing, natural look!

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