Dr. Yeo on Soprano® ICE Laser Hair Removal

Choon Kia Yeo, MDWhy did we choose the Soprano® ICE for our virtually painless laser hair removal treatments? We asked Dr. Yeo to explain.

Soprano® ICE takes painless hair removal to the next level. It’s faster, offers more contact cooling, and has twice as much power than previous Soprano models so our patients can enjoy shorter treatment times, a more comfortable experience, and better results than ever before. Some patients come in worried that ‘painless’ hair removal sounds too good to be true and I get the opportunity to reassure them that our laser hair removal technology really is virtually painless on the Soprano® ICE.

I hear from patients all of the time who tell us that they first started laser hair removal elsewhere and found the treatments to be very painful; so painful in fact that they were afraid to go back for another treatment! The majority of these patients then found Honolulu MedSpa by conducting an internet search about ‘painless hair removal’ and found us. Once these patients come in and experience their first treatment on our advanced lasers, they won’t go back. In fact, some actually abandon their prepaid packages at other offices in favor of continuing their laser hair removal series at Honolulu MedSpa.

Laser Hair Removal has been FDA-cleared since the 1990’s and patients expect the latest technology to offer the same great benefits with less risk and less pain; the Soprano ICE® meets and even exceeds our patients’ expectations for great results with less risk and minimal to no discomfort.

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