CoolSculpting Honolulu: What to Expect

CoolSculpting Honolulu


May is our month to really shine a light on CoolSculpting®. With our upcoming event , we want to be sure we’re keeping you posted and well informed of its amazing benefits.

Since we are offering new and convenient treatments with the arrival of our CoolAdvantage applicator on May 19th, we thought now would be the perfect time for a CoolSculpting® “How-To” Guide. We’ll tell you what to expect and how to prepare for a treatment that can truly change your shape.

CoolSculpting®: What to Expect

Downtime. While CoolSculpting® treatments (for one small area) can take as little as 35 minutes, larger areas, or in the case of treating more than one part of the body, takes time. Expect to spend 1—2 hours for larger areas, especially if you’re receiving dual treatments on both sides of your body. Feel free to bring your laptop, kindle, or iPad so you can catch up on reading while you wait. Or you can marathon your favorite reality TV show, we won’t judge.

A new shape … temporarily. Frozen tissue forms into lumps under the skin during and immediately after the treatment. These can be massaged away, and they do disappear on their own. Ultimately, the fat is broken apart and eliminated naturally.

Prepare for some recouping at home. Some patients experience tenderness and soreness at their treatment sites, sometimes lasting a few weeks or months. If you’ve ever felt sore after a tough workout, you’ll recognize the feeling. You should monitor any discomfort levels and avoid tight or restrictive clothing that might irritate your skin. While some discomfort is normal, you should be able to function normally as you wait for your results.

More than one visit. Each person reacts to CoolSculpting® differently. Some see results after just one treatment, while others need a second attempt to truly see the most impactful results. One treatment generally produces a 20-25% reduction of fat, with each additional treatment seeing an additional 20-25% reduction. For particularly troublesome areas, many patients benefit from additional treatments. Our experts will meet with you during your complimentary consultations to develop a treatment course designed specifically for your body.

Self-Care. CoolSculpting® is designed to eliminate fat stores that diet and exercise don’t fix. But enjoying a healthy lifestyle complete with plenty of exercise and a variety of healthy food is necessary to protecting your body and maintaining your new shape. Think of CoolSculpting® as your secret weapon—you’ll still need to do the work to stay in shape, but you get a nice head start.

Remember, we are available for complimentary consultations, and can’t wait to show you how CoolSculpting® can improve your life, your appearance, and your peace of mind. Contact us today to start your CoolSculpting® journey.

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