AnteAGE: The Science of Stem Cells

The Science of AntAGE

Are you ready for a skin-care game-changer? AnteAGE® stem cell facial is it. This fabulous service combines the one-of-a-kind restorative factors of AnteAGE® Stem Cell Facial with Cytokines and the deep-skin delivery system of microneedling.

AnteAGE® uses stem cell technology to promote the regeneration of skin cells, which mimics the cell process of our natural youth. This means skin appears naturally younger and more beautiful from the inside out without the downtime that would accompany more invasive procedures. The most unique feature of AnteAGE® is its use of human stem cell technology, as opposed to discarded plant or fat cells or cells parts. Don’t be alarmed! Cellese, the creators of AnteAGE® uses modern culture techniques to harvest human stem cells and then reproduce them in a laboratory. This is the very same technique used to produce human insulin and other naturally occurring substances.

This more natural application of stem cell renewal leads to the encouragement of cell growth and stimulation while promoting skin healing. The cellular rejuvenation encourages the production of anti-inflammatory, anti-aging growth factors, while reproducing the skin’s own bio-signals.

Cytokines: The Secret Ingredient to the AnteAGE® Stem Cell Success

To add to the mix, AnteAGE® incorporates Cytokines, or molecules produced by cells that influence further cell signaling to boost the facial to the extreme. Cytokines communicate with cells to fight off infection and  help us develop immunity. These molecules are the healing powerhouses we need to repair sun-damaged, aging, and scarred skin.

A Solution to the Slowdown of Metabolism and Cell Turnover

As we age, we all know our metabolism slows, but this also means the cell turnover within our skin slows, leading to dull, lifeless skin. Because AnteAGE® stimulates a quicker cell turnover and cell communication, the metabolism within the skin is kicked into high gear. As a result, many of us who haven’t “aged” out of acne benefit from the quicker healing of skin blemishes. So, not only does AnteAGE® work for fine lines and wrinkles, it also reduces signs of acne scars!

To really supercharge the amazing benefits of the treatment, we have combined AnteAGE® with the transdermal delivery of microneedling, a series of microscopic punctures to the skin intended to create a temporary “wound.” As the skin rapidly heals from the puncture, new cells are created in abundance to replenish the skin. Delivering AnteAGE® deep into skin means easier absorption and deep penetration of the product, leading to a smoother, more flawless finish to the complexion.

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