Aging Skin—Skincare in Your 20s and 30s

Anti-Aging Skincare

One is never too young to begin implementing a healthy skincare regimen. And, our team of skincare experts will never ever encourage a patient to simply quit on self-care and active skin maintenance. Beautiful healthy skin is possible at any age and we certainly have the tools and treatments to support this. The trick to keeping troubled skin and signs of aging at bay is knowing when the challenges are likely to occur and how to address them head on—whether you are 25 or 75!

At Honolulu MedSpa, we offer complimentary consultations to inform and guide patients on manageable, proactive skincare treatment plans that are tailored to address his or her individual needs. With that said, there are some skincare treatments that, by design, will troubleshoot many of the common challenges we face from one decade to the next. Should. Here’s Part One of our two-part series on caring for your skin at any age. Let’s jump in!

Skincare in Your 20s

Ah, youth! Sure, there may be some congestion and hormonal flare ups along the way, but generally, our twenties are a blissful period of skin bounce-backs and overnight recoveries. Sadly, as George Bernard Shaw once said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” If you’re in your twenties now, listen up! Your future self will adore you for it. (If you’re a decade or two, or four, beyond this youthful state, there’s hope—just keep reading.)

How well (or poorly) you treat your body in your 20s will show up later in life. Use this decade to discover your skin profile and its unique challenges. Get a headstart on preservation and maintenance by investing in a thorough skincare regimen that includes a cleanser, intense hydration, retinol, and SPF (we repeat: SPF). Build a habit of booking monthly facials; Our favorite for the 20-something: The HydraFacial. Whether you are dealing with an angry breakout or you’re recovering from a night that went far past the waking hours, this facial will help decongest clogged pores, revitalize your glow, and smooth out any indications of fatigue.

Learn about ingredients, consult with an expert, invest in the right products, and use sunscreen liberally (No, this is not a broken record.) The best advice that no one in their 20s wants to hear? Tanning will age you and poorly managed stress will show up sooner or later. It’s just a fact and, to boot, skin cancer is preventable, but all-too-often a consequence of neglectful self-care habits.

Skincare in Your 30s

No more practice, you’re down to the business of real life. You may be feeling more like yourself than ever, and then—surprise! Those first little fine lines around the eyes and mouth are beginning to make their debut. Days spent lounging in the sun start to show. Remnants of late night outings have become increasingly more challenging to hide and the overindulgences during the holidays are really starting to leave a mark. All this means is it’s time to invest more love into your skin.
High-quality products that impact your skin on a cellular level are a must in your thirties. Use serums and moisturizers with proven ingredients—look for hyaluronic acid to nourish the skin and retinol to keep it smooth and free of creases; These are your not-so-secret-but-power-packed weapons for age-defying skin.


Our Aestheticians Advice: Begin the conversation with a Honolulu MedSpa skincare expert about BOTOX© for wrinkle prevention and for wrangling that pesky pair of newcomers—crow’s feet and forehead lines. The trick to BOTOX>© is to start earlier rather than later as this is a stellar tool for prevention. Another nugget of wisdom—Get to know AFT/IPL (Intense Pulsed Light Therapy), otherwise known as the “photofacial,” because this treatment can help minimize and stave off the brown speckles and uneven skin tone that come with long days out in the garden. These treatments precisely target everything from broken blood vessels, freckles, sun spots, flushing, ruddy skin, and rosacea—while gently preserving and revitalizing the surrounding tissue.

Thinking about taking your skincare to the next level, or have a beauty concern that’s been on your mind? Call or visit our Honolulu Med Spa for a complimentary consultation and a personalized treatment plan. Don’t forget to look out for Part 2: Skincare in Your 40s, 50s, and Beyond —coming soon

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