A Full Range Laser Treatments

We can’t tell you how many patients have come to us for appointments or free consultations about laser services telling the same story: at one point or another, they have been made to feel that a certain laser procedure wasn’t an option for them. It might be a question of skin type, hair texture, age, or any number of issues, but they were frustrated and we don’t blame them!

The truth is that will the right research and the right options, it’s possible to find laser treatments for almost all common concerns. We’ve had patients in their early 20s dealing with adult acne to patients in their golden years looking for noninvasive options for maintaining their natural skin health and beauty. We’ve helped patients remove unwanted tattoos on the wide range of human skin tones, and all types of hair textures. If a practice or practitioner has told you that laser treatments aren’t an option for you, they might not be working hard enough to provide the spectrum of services they should.

There are an infinite amount of skin types and shades–every body is unique, as we always say–and an infinite combination of skin needs and concerns. Providing services that only treat a narrow range of them should simply not be an option. From our Laser Tattoo Removal options to the new ClearLift™, we’re committed to providing services that treat common issues like acne, pigmentation, and signs of aging on all types of skin.

If you’ve been told that laser hair removal, tattoo removal, pigmentation correction, or anti-aging treatments don’t exist in your “range,” schedule one of our always complimentary appointments today. We’d love to show you how many options are available to you!

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