4 Undeniable Benefits of a Progressive Chemical Peel

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Did you enjoy your summer but spend too much time in the sun? Or maybe you spent the last few months achieving great things at work—so your resume looks great but your skin looks tired. We understand. But if you’re ready to bring back your natural, youthful glow we’re ready to help you find a chemical peel treatment that works for you.

Here are 4 reasons you should be gearing up for our upcoming skincare boot camp.

{one} Forget the Instagram filters.

Sure, we all love those softening, smoothing, light-lifting snapchat/instagram filters. But, baby, Progressive Chemical Peels can give you the real thing. A chemical peel can smooth skin, repair sun damage, resurface, and restore skin tone—leaving you with luminous, picture-perfect skin that won’t disappear after 10 seconds.

{two} You’ll be producing copious amounts of that beautiful collagen.

A Progressive Chemical Peel breaks down the top layer of skin to reveal the healthy, untouched skin waiting to break free underneath. More importantly, the correct chemical peel can stimulate your skin’s natural collagen production and skin cell renewal process. We all know the magic of collagen, right? Through the Chemical Peel process, collagen restoration and production are amped up—Fine lines fill in. Elasticity is restored. And, oh, that glow that comes with healthy, fresh, youthful skin—It can be all yours with the right customized treatment plan!

{three} No Needles. No Blades. Very Customizable.

Although there can be some discomfort (depending on the patient) and downtime associated with Progressive Chemical Peels, they are widely popular because they can serve as effective alternatives to surgical and more invasive resurfacing procedures. While there is some downtime, Progressive Chemical Peels can serve as a fantastic complexion-boosting treatment and substantially less cost to patients than other more invasive procedures.

{four} Progressive Chemical Peels are fast-paced powerhouse treatments that are customized to your skin.

From fine lines and wrinkles to melasma (gray-brown patches common after pregnancy), Progressive Chemical Peels are known to effectively and very quickly diminish some of the more challenging skin conditions we face as we age or go through hormonal changes.

We can customize your chemical peel to your needs because they come in a variety of strengths and chemical compounds. Whether you need to repair heavy damage like acne scarring or dark spots or simply want to improve skin texture, finding the right chemical peel ensures you get the best results in the shortest period of time.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation on creating your perfect chemical peel.

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