3 Facts on the Psychological Seduction of Long Lashes

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Think Katie Perry, Adele, or Kim Kardashian. Lush, long lashes are in style—and really, have always been—so we thought we would take a look at the “science,” or rather psychology of the value we, as a society, place on such a simple, yet dramatic detail.

Whether it’s Maybelline or Bobbi Brown, we love our mascara. The eye-popping benefits behind the life-saving lash-boosting Latisse treatment have taken the meaning of “butterfly kisses” to the next level.

So, why do we go to great lengths to accentuate such a small area of the face? Here are our thoughts, along with some insights provided by Psychology Today Magazine.

Eye Contact is Everything.

Our eyes are naturally drawn to and stimulated by movement. The longer the lashes, the more prominent the eye movement appears. In turn, eye contact is initiated more frequently.

Long Lashes keep us looking younger.

As we age, our ears and noses grow. Longer, darker lashes widen and open the eyes up, which help maintain the proportions of the face.

Brighter eyes imply better health.

Long, dark lashes line the eyeballs and provide a beautiful contrast to the whites of our eyes, making them appear brighter and in turn healthier.

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