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Venus Freeze™ Skin Tightening

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About Venus Freeze™ Skin Tightening

Freeze Time Without Invasive Measures

Hello tighter skin! Venus Freeze™ Skin Tightening is a revolutionary technology that offers an effective, noninvasive option to maintain the natural, youthful look, and feel of healthy skin.

Venus Freeze™ Skin Tightening at Honolulu MedSpa

Venus Freeze™ is the premier noninvasive option to smooth and tighten the skin, restore the natural and beautiful lines of the face. It provides an overall fuller, firmer, more youthful appearance, making it one of our most popular rejuvenating treatments.*

The Venus Freeze™ Skin Tightening procedure is faster and much more comfortable than other comparable technologies; most patients nap or simply rest and relax during their appointment. There is absolutely no downtime and all of your regular activities can be resumed immediately. Most patients see results in as little as three treatments with the full effects visible after eight to ten treatments.*

How Venus Freeze™ Skin Tightening Works

Venus Freeze™ Skin Tightening uses multipolar radio frequency and magnetic pulse fields to stimulate natural healing and firming processes in the body. Existing collagen in the skin contracts immediately at the time of the treatment to make the skin look and feel firmer while the body produces new collagen over the next six to twelve months, resulting in even smoother, firmer, and suppler skin.

After your initial Venus Freeze™ treatment series, you’ll need occasional maintenance treatments to keep the aging process at bay. While we recommend one treatment every season (four treatments a year), we find that many patients like to come back as often as once a month because they love the results so much.

*Treatment results may vary. All opinions expressed are personal and subjective to each patient.


“After I started to have Venus Freeze™ treatment, my skin is a lot firmer and radiant. No downtime, best way to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.”

“Extremely relaxing treatment performed by a wonderful staff. I noticed results, and so did my fiancé! A great experience!”
–Leyona Goldman, cellulite reduction*

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“When I read about Venus Freeze™ and the promise of a painless treatment, I managed to muster up the nerve to give it a try. So glad I did! Venus Freeze is very relaxing with good results. Highly recommend!”

“Venus Freeze™ is better than surgery since it is cheaper, doesn’t have any downtime, and will naturally tighten the skin. Venus Freeze™ enhances natural beauty. All women should do it.”

“To me Venus Freeze™ was easy, and there was no pain. People notice that I look good, and I’ve been told, whatever I am doing, I should keep doing it. The doctor and the staff are awesome!”

*Treatment results may vary. All opinions expressed are personal and subjective to each patient.


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