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A chemical peel can be intimidating to many, but without a doubt, it will leave your complexion absolutely glowing! We offer a variety of chemical peels that will suit your skin type and leave you with noticeable results. As we age, our dead skin cells lose their ability to slough off in a timely manner. This causes our skin to look dull, wrinkled and discolored from sun exposure and other pigmentation problems. By effectively removing old, dead skin cells and increasing new cellular production, a brighter, more youthful epidermis is revealed.

Just what is a chemical peel?

It is a treatment performed by a licensed provider which begins with the application of appropriate chemical solutions to the skin to aid in exfoliation. Chemical peels work to speed up cellular turnover which increases the production of collagen in the skin. This treatment improves skin texture, softens fine lines/wrinkles, improve acne/acne scars, lightens pigmentation and sun damage.

How to choose the right peel?

Choosing the right peel for your skin type is very important. Our aestheticians will be able to recommend the right peel that suits your skin’s needs and ultimate skincare goals. The effectiveness of a peel is determined by the acids used and also the percentage. From light to deep peels, there is one to fit your skin type. Here at Honolulu MedSpa we will do a consultation and tests to determine what peel is right for your skin. 

When will I experience the results?

Old skin will slough off over a 4-7 day period, depending on the strength of the peel. The treated skin will look noticeably improved by day 7-10. More radiant, rejuvenated and softer skin will be revealed with just one peel, but a series of peels will give you more significant results.

We do recommend starting with a complimentary consultation in order to determine the best peel for your skin. To schedule a free consultation with Honolulu MedSpa, please call 808.528.0888. Start the New Year with your best face forward!