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Progressive Chemical Peels

About Progressive Chemical Peels

Target Specific Skin Concerns With Specialized Peels

Peels remain one of the most tried and true options to treat a number of conditions, especially for patients who may not want or cannot receive laser therapies. From one of our most popular and trusted product lines, SkinMedica®, all of our medicalgrade, progressive peels are safe and effective. Specifically created to target and correct common skin concerns, they are formulated at different strengths to provide multiple options for skin rejuvenation.

Discoloration, damage, inflammation, uneven tone, and poor texture are treated.
Radiant, healthy skin is revealed!

Illuminize Peel®

This mild, noninvasive chemical peel utilizes a novel approach to chemical peeling. Using newer generation alpha and beta-hydroxy acids in combination with phytic acid, it provides skin rejuvenation without irritation. This peel

  • increases skin glow and radiance.*
  • tightens the skin and restores a more youthful appearance.*
  • improves clarity, color, and skin texture.*
  • is well tolerated with no down time.*
  • is a perfect lunch hour treatment.*

Vitalize Peel®

Vitalize Peel® fights the effects of time, sun damage, and environmental assault. This non-damaging, mid-strength peel is our most popular chemical peel for all skin types. It takes years off of pigmented, aging skin and it provides a noticeable result with minimal downtime. This peel

  • addresses various skin conditions, such as pigmentation abnormalities, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma, and photodamage.*
  • is very effective, especially on dark, hyperpigmented skin.*
  • smooths skin, softens fine lines, and improves pore size.*
  • is a perfect treatment to receive right before the weekend begins.*

Rejuvenize Peel®

Rejuvenize Peel® is the most progressive peel that we offer and provides the most dramatic improvement for patients with advanced pigment concerns and/or acne scars.* A sophisticated formulation of peeling agents, including anti-irritants, skin silkening agents, and penetration enhancers, it provides controlled exfoliation of the damaged layers of the skin to reveal fresher, smoother, and healthier skin. This peel

  • addresses severe sun damage, melasma, pigmentation irregularities, and acne scarring.*
  • achieves noticeable improvement with just one peel and dramatic results with a series of three to six peels.*
  • is an affordable alternative to laser treatments and a perfect option for patients who are not candidates for laser treatments.*

*Treatment results may vary. All opinions expressed are personal and subjective to each patient.


“I discovered as I went through treatments, my soul started to feel good. My attitude in general was lifted. People were noticing the difference. I am getting compliments daily on the work that has been done so far on my face. I only have Honolulu MedSpa to thank for turning my life around.”
–Kimmie Palpallatoc*

“I came in for a light Illuminize Peel® to brighten my skin up. Over the summer I had gone diving, and my melasma and sun spots had darkened up just a bit, even with the use of sunscreen. Uliana cleansed my skin, applied the peel, and focused on the darker areas with the treatment. My skin appeared more even in tone, a little brighter, and I felt more beautiful!”
–Lisa Asato*

*Treatment results may vary. All opinions expressed are personal and subjective to each patient.


Pricing starts at 125.

Pre and Post Care Instructions

Chemical Peel Pre and Post Care Instructions

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