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PRP FACELIFT - Honolulu MedSpa
PRP FACELIFT - Honolulu MedSpa
PRP FACELIFT - Honolulu MedSpa


Cell therapy is the latest development in anti-aging, and Honolulu MedSpa is the first and only provider in Hawaii to offer this incredible new facelift option. Used to treat lost volume, decreased blood flow, and uneven skin texture, the PRP Facelift is a powerful alternative to surgical measures for facial rejuvenation.

As part of the three-step procedure, a very small amount of blood is taken gently, about two teaspoons worth, and the natural growth factors found in platelets are extracted. Next, Juvéderm® is introduced to restore lost volume to achieve a more lifted, youthful, and defined facial shape. Finally, the growth rich platelets are then reintroduced to the treatment area to stimulate the growth of new, healthy tissue. This careful contouring bridges the gap between restoring lost volume instantly for an immediate result while your body slowly but steadily creates new collagen over the subsequent three to six months.*

More About the PRP Facelift

The science is based on the body’s own healing patterns. Typically with an injury, the body releases blood platelets and their growth factors to immediately begin repairing damage and promote healing. These factors stimulate multipotent stem cells to develop new tissue and blood vessels. The PRP Facelift introduces those same factors for a similar result, without injury or invasive measures. To discuss thePRP Facelift or any of our treatments, call us today or fill out our easy contact form to book your complimentary consultation.

*Treatment results may vary. All opinions expressed are personal and subjective to each patient.


“The PRP Facelift was instant and amazingly effective. No downtime at all, I left the office looking good. For me having the hollows on my temples and cheeks filled in with the  Juvéderm® as well as the plasma serum immediately made me look 5 years younger. The Honolulu Med Spa doctor and staff make up a real team, they are so friendly and supportive as well as technically excellent. This is a great place to become more beautifully you. I highly recommend it.”
–S. Keely*

“The PRP Facelift is amazing! My skin has been absolutely beautiful and radiant since having it done several months ago, and I loved the instant results that came along with the fillers. I couldn’t recommend this service more.”
–T. Z.*

“This Spa has all the latest technology and services. I’ve been coming to Honolulu Med Spa for over five years for skin treatments. My skin is glowing and youthful looking. Recently the Spa began offering thePRP Facelift. This procedure is a combination of a filler and your own plasma serum that is injected into multiple areas of the skin on the face. I’m using this procedure on top of other procedures in an effort to restore shape and rejuvenate new and younger tissue. Before the procedure the staff thoroughly explained what they intended to do. First they drew a vial of my blood. Then they mapped out my face to determine where I needed volume. Then they used a filler, in my case Juvéderm®, to fill those areas. They isolated the growth factors from my blood, and injected those alongside the Juvéderm® in my face. When these stem cells become activated they grow new tissue. The new tissue includes new collagen to produce a shapelier look.

“I was given a numbing agent to minimize pain and I truly didn’t have any. I felt a little pressure, but no pain at all. I was a little sensitive for a couple of days, but not enough that it required any medication. There literally wasn’t any downtime. I left looking and feeling younger. Full results? Well you’ll have to wait for the update later. It takes several months for the growth factors/stem cells to do their stuff.

“So far I am pleased and I highly recommend getting a consult from their well trained staff to see what outcome you could expect from this procedure.”
–Cindy Livermore*

“I am a huge fan of Honolulu Med Spa and have been coming here for years. The staff here is very customer service oriented and truly dedicated to finding the best treatments to enhance your features. I had thePRP Facelift combined with Juvederm®, and am so happy with the results. I saw an instant improvement immediately and a more youthful appearance. I love seeing the rosy glow of my complexion, combined with fuller cheekbones and lips that I had lost over the years. I am truly impressed by Leilani’s technique, she instantly puts you at ease by thoroughly explaining the procedure step-by-step. ”

*Treatment results may vary. All opinions expressed are personal and subjective to each patient.