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About Electrodessication for Skin Tag Removal

Electrodessication ​utilizes a special electrosurgical instrument that is used to quickly and safely remove skin tags and certain types of benign skin growths on the face, neck, and body.

How does Electrodessication Work?

Electrodessication is commonly used to remove skin tags and other benign skin lesions from various areas on the face and body. Generally, skin tags and other benign skin growths are found on the face and ​parts ​of​ the body where natural skin creases or folds occur such as the lines of the neck, around the eyelids, in the underarms, underneath the breasts, and even in the groin crease.


Does Electrodessication Hurt? 

The treatment is very comfortable. In fact, most patients report that they don’t feel a thing because​,​ here at Honolulu MedSpa, we pride ourselves on offering our patients virtually painless treatments!

Prior to treatment, we prefer to meet with you in person to assess the skin tags or growths of concern. Once we have determined that the skin tag or growth is benign and that the treatment is safe and medically appropriate for you, we schedule you for the treatment on a day and time that is convenient for you.

On the day of your scheduled treatment, we ​typically ​start by applying topical anesthetic cream or injecting a small amount of lidocaine just underneath the skin tags or growths of concern. Next, the skin tags or growths are removed with a small, very precise electrosurgical instrument which causes the targeted lesions to shrivel and temporarily darken into a small scab. Lastly, we apply a soothing ointment and send you home with instructions to be gentle with the treated lesions, avoid picking at them, and​ ​allow the lesions to fall off naturally over the course of a week or so.


How Long Does Electrodessication Take? When Will I See Results?

Electrodessication requires no downtime and is usually accomplished in just 15 to 30 minutes. An appointment could easily be completed over a lunch break. Your body will naturally heal after the procedure to show little sign of the removed skin tag.


Can You Remove My Moles Too?

We refer patients seeking mole removal to their dermatologists as these procedures often involve a biopsy. If you have any questions about moles, changes to an existing mole or pigmented area, or other lesions anywhere on your skin, the safest option is to consult your dermatologist immediately.




“My first skin tag removal experience was very relaxing, and calming. I was informed on what to expect, and after, how to take care of my skin should anything happen. The technician that performed the procedure was very knowledgeable, courteous, and kind, and she put me at ease with her friendly smile and chatter. I wanted to thank them for making this experience a seamless and painless one.”
–Karalina Ross*

“It’s totally gone after just one treatment! There was no damage to my skin and no scars. The spot was right by my eyelid, and I always felt like people were staring at it when they were talking to me. Now I know they’re just looking at my eyes and not my skin tag so I feel more beautiful.”

“I don’t feel self-conscious about them or pick at them anymore.”
–Sheila Kim*