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Past Featured Artists

Krist Goto


Sarah Caudle


Sarah Caudle is a Hawaii-based abstract and seascape artist who creates a visual escape to paradise for others to find a sense of peace, and happiness, and aloha. Inspired by nature and the sea, she depicts the beauty of Hawaii through dynamic colors, fluid movements, and organic compositions.

Using acrylics and resin on wood panel, each original painting is completely unique and full of depth. As light reflects off the glassy surface of the resin, the complexities of the multi-layers are revealed, conveying a sense of wonder.

She builds up each piece one layer at a time, carefully controlling the flow of the resin, while allowing it to settle on its own. This style is a way for her to explore her thoughts without constraint and find peace and beauty in the unknown. For her, art is more than something pretty to look at; it is about expressing emotions, creating an experience, and connecting with others.

“I hope to inspire others to live in the present and enjoy the beauty of every day life.”

When she is not painting, you will find her swimming or surfing in the crisp clear ocean, practicing yoga under the warm sun on a sandy beach, or hiking through the jungle in search of hidden waterfalls. She is in constant awe of the unique beauty of Hawaii, which is expressed through her art.

Krist Goto


Allison LaValley


Allison LaValley works primarily in watercolor and mixed media from her studio at Aupuni Space in Kaka’ako. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Allison came to Oahu in 2003 and earned her B.F.A. from UH Mānoa where she studied glass and sculpture. After spending six years in Okinawa and mainland Japan, she returned to Oahu in 2015 with her family.


Her most recent works in watercolor and colored pencil explore ideas of the obscured or unknowable, and a mystical inner self.

Website:  allisonlavalley.com

Instagram: @lostbirdsart

Krist Goto


Brenden Donahue


Brenden Donahue is a freelance photographer who is currently based on Oahu. He graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2016 with a Bachelors of Arts in Studio Art with a focus in photography. While balancing his focus between work and shooting, he is constantly striving to create new pieces in his free time.

Brenden focuses his main attention on film and digital but is also inspired to engage in other mediums. He shoots all of his photos in the water with the Nikonos V. Brenden is fascinated with the idea of only being able to shoot 36 photos in the water and not knowing what actually came out for a few days. The anticipation always has him coming back for more. Whatever medium Brenden chooses to shoot from, the inspiration never ends. Encompassed by such beauty there is always an opportunity to capture pristine moments and have the pleasure to share it with other people.
For purchasing inquiries contact Artist Brenden Donahue directly at
Email:  Brendendonahuephoto@gmail.com   Phone: 303-325-4017

Web: http://www.brendendonahue.com    IG: @brendendonahue_

Krist Goto


Candice Gima

Candice Gima is a Hawaii-based artist, born and raised on the island of O‘ahu. In 2016, Candice received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa with a concentration in Painting. She has previously been recipient of both the Yoko Radke and Helen Gilbert-Bushnell Memorial awards and is also a participating member of the Association of Hawai‘i Artists.

Throughout her work, Candice explores the subtle poetics of everyday living, often using figuration to create connection and intimacy within a space. Feelings of nostalgia and domesticity in Candice’s works are meant to build a home base from which the viewer can safely address thoughts on place, personhood, and one’s own impact on the world around them.

Please enjoy Candice Gima’s Artwork at our Honolulu MedSpa office.

Check out her website. Follow her on Instagram

Krist Goto


Andrew Binkley


Andrew Binkley is an American artist based on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. He attended the Kansas City Art Institute, but left to live throughout China, which eventually led to his ordaining as a Buddhist monk in Thailand for several years.  Since leaving monastic life, Binkley has devoted himself to the practice of art and exhibited internationally with The Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan), the Downtown Film Festival (Los Angeles), the Queens Museum of Art (New York), Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art (China), and the Honolulu Biennial (Honolulu).  He has also exhibited site-specific works in venues ranging from an ancient castle in England to a WWII air-raid shelter in Poland, and from a former tennis court at the Honolulu Museum of Art to the hi-deserts of Joshua Tree National Park to the streets of Seattle with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Andrew’s website: https://www.andrewbinkley.com

Andrew’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/binkleyphoto/

Krist Goto


Matt Okahata

Matt Okahata is a Hawaii-based artist, born and raised in Honolulu. Growing up, Matt spent most of his time outdoors – hiking, camping, fishing, and surfing, taking advantage of the year-round beautiful climate that Hawaii has to offer. Matt’s daylight hours are spent in the ever-evolving Health Information Technology world and once in a while, you will find him gazing out the window and daydreaming like a curious 4 year old.

Matt has a curiosity for the world and loves to travel, staying close to the rural areas where life is simple. Traveling has opened his eyes, piqued curiosity, and continues to challenge his perceptions of the world. Through this, Matt has learned a lot about himself, and dedicates each day towards awareness, helping others, and being a better “me”.

While Matt’s art has strong Hawaii influences, it is also a reflection of all of the experiences he has had around the world. He believes that art is one of many windows to a soul and appreciates the opportunity to share with you, his soul, his thoughts, and his perceptions of the world.

The art you see on his website is a combination of reliefprinting, using woodblock, and monoprinting.  He also does paint, photograph, and single-line sketch, but is drawn to the centuries old method of printmaking.  For more information on Matt, CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITE and his pieces of work contact him at mattokahata@gmail.com.

Krist Goto



Her work has been displayed at Pow! Wow! Hawaii, Manifest, Next Door, Loading Zone, Bambu Two, The ARTS at Marks Garage, V Lounge, Zenworx Kaka’ako, Greenroom HAWAII, POLU GALLERY (Haleiwa), Halele’a Gallery Kauai, Honolulu Museum of Art and Art on the Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas.

Check out some unique pieces that are displayed of Kris Goto’s work at our Honolulu Med Spa location. There are options to purchase these piece displayed and are up for only a limited time. For questions and inquiry on murals and other commissions, please CONTACT THE ARTISTVISIT KRIS GOTO’s WEBSITE.

For updates on new pieces, please check her INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK!

Krist Goto

Past Featured Dec 2018

Debra Casey

Debra Casey became a fine art photographer at 45. She is self-taught and her life experience shows in this current exhibition of Photographic Musings. While technical perfection is nice it is not the priority, evoking an emotional response is.

The items, scenes and narrative here are organic, not staged. Most are happy discoveries, some have been treasure hunts. How the image is processed is at times trial and error, other times it just feels it should be done a specific way when it was being shot.

Please enjoy Photographic Musings- Images by Debra Casey

Check out her website. Follow her on Twitter. Like her on Facebook. Follow her on Instagram

Would You Like To Be Featured?

We congratulate Kris Goto for being this month’s featured artist at Honolulu Med Spa. We’re honored to have her work displayed in our office because it gets so many compliments from our patients. If you are an artist or if you know of an artist who would like their work displayed at our office, please contact us with a short bio, a website link to the artist’s work. Please keep in mind we have dozens of inquiries each month and not every artist can be displayed, we respect each artist and their work so don’t be discouraged if you do not get a response back from us. We look forward to hearing from you.