Arlene Milam RN, BSN

Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

With a deep passion for helping people feel better and lead happier lives, Arlene loves coming into work every day, knowing she will be making a positive difference. Born in Alexandria, Virginia, Arlene graduated from Pennsylvania State University with her BSN. She has enjoyed a thriving career in nursing for over eighteen years.
Arlene spent the early part of her career in Oncology until finding her true passion in Aesthetic Medicine. Trained by some of the best in the industry, Arlene notes the following for much of her advanced training:
Choon Kia Yeo, MD, Alexander Rivken, MD, Steven Yolin, MD, Deborah Sherman, MD, Lori Robertson, MSN, FNP-C, Inna Propenko, RN and Cameron Chestnut, MD.

Arlene enjoys educating patients on aesthetic medicine and explaining what each product can do to help enhance and maintain your natural beauty. Arlene has found that with the years of experience working in Oncology, she brings a gentle touch, compassion, and care to each patient experience. Knowing this is an ever-changing field, Arlene takes ongoing education seriously and makes a point to invest in herself. She is passionate about keeping up with the newest products, techniques, and technology to always provide her patients with the best care and outcome. Arlene notes Neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport as her go-to treatment. She says, “I love what they can do; it is so much more than softening wrinkles. This treatment can provide a lift; it can accentuate a feature; it can provide relief from pain, address hyperhidrosis, relax a gummy smile. It can be a positive life change for my patients.”

In her downtime, Arlene enjoys time with her family, exploring the island. Arlene has two amazing boys, one in High School and another serving in the United States Air Force. After Arlene’s husband decided to retire after 23 years in the United States Army, they have planted permanent roots in Hawaii. She enjoys spending time with her three dogs and two horses and is proud to report her youngest son has developed a love for riding alongside her.

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Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Lisa settled in Hawaii in 2001 after graduating with her BA in Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles. She then went on to pursue her BS in Nursing at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and hasn’t looked back since. She has been actively working as an RN in the emergency department for 12 years, all while fine-tuning her skills in the medical aesthetics industry. In 2018 Lisa took a step back from working in the emergency room to focus on aesthetics full time.

Lisa credits Dr. Rivkin, Shelby Miller, Lori Robertson and Mary Sullivan for pushing her to perfect her skill and eye for a natural approach to facial rejuvenation. She works closely with each of her patients to restore the shape and youthful contours of the face. She is proud to be an active member of the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) and is constantly reading up on facial anatomy, new techniques and the latest safety practices. Lisa has admitted she is constantly hungry for knowledge and the opportunity to learn more about practices and procedures in an industry that is constantly changing.

When asked why she chose a path in Medical Aesthetics, Lisa mentions, “I love the action and critical thinking of working in the ER, but have always had an artistic eye and developed a passion for the art involved in aesthetics by creating symmetry and balance. I enjoy enhancing one's beautiful features allowing them to age gracefully and confidently while maintaining a natural look. I love to treat cheeks as I feel that it brightens the eyes, decreases shadows and achieves an "undone" look. I also really love doing lips and of course neurotoxins.”

Lisa enjoys staying active; she is married with two children and a dog who all enjoy beach days, “as often as possible.” Lisa and her family enjoy traveling, camping, surfing, and good food with good friends. Next time you visit Lisa be sure to come ready to share your favorite Peloton rides!

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Courtney Tsark, RN

Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

With over 9 years of experience in the aesthetic field, Courtney offers a unique combination of experience, knowledge, and artistry. Courtney completed her nursing degree on the island of Maui, and her Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (CANS) credentials through the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses. She is often referred to as a "perfectionist" and focuses on delivering safe, beautiful, and natural results for each of her patients.

Courtney believes that combining multiple aesthetic modalities such as injectables, energy devices, and medical grade skin care work harmoniously together to become the perfect antidote to aging gracefully.

Courtney's innate personality traits parallel with the qualities needed to be an effective, compassionate injector, and she continues to evolve her expertise through continuing education & hands on training with the most influential aesthetic providers in the industry.

In her free time, she enjoys everything Peloton for exercise, being outdoors with her young daughter, cooking, and traveling when given an opportunity.

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Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Upon your next visit to Honolulu MedSpa, be sure to say hello to Sarah Sepulveda, an extremely skilled and talented nurse in our office. A master of Painless Laser Hair Removal and CoolSculpting, she has the magic touch, a keen eye for symmetry, and a knack for making patients feel extremely comfortable during their treatments. Upon receiving her first laser hair removal treatment (in Illinois), she became fascinated with the process and sought out opportunities to deliver the outstanding results here in Hawaii. Sarah draws on her medical experience to help patients understand how treatments work and what to expect.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Sarah graduated from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale with a Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences. She continued her passion for medicine thereafter receiving an Associates Degree in Nursing from Southwestern Illinois College. Most recently, Sarah earned a BSN in Nursing from McKendree University in December 2015.

If you catch Sarah outside of Honolulu MedSpa, she’ll likely be on a hike exploring the beauty and serenity of Hawaii’s islands.

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Sarah Seson, RN

Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Sarah has been a practicing RN since graduating from Kapiolani Community College in 2005 and has over 13 years in the medical profession, including that in critical care. Medical Aesthetics is where Sarah found her true calling as she loves making people feel beautiful and above all, happy.

Sarah strives to provide the most caring approach possible for her patients. Her professional skills, warm nature and discretion are of the utmost importance in her relationships. She adheres to a philosophy of performing with the highest level of attention and respect. She is passionate about the use of lasers, and non-invasive technology to achieve the best possible results for her patients.

Originally from Kailua, Sarah enjoys spending as much time as possible with her loving husband and three boys. Outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and swimming are a must for this busy family!

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Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Denise began her nursing career as a Licensed Vocational Nurse at the ripe age of 19. She then went on to pursue her Associates Degree as a Registered Nurse, graduating from West Coast University in Southern California in 2011.

Having had a 5 year run as a cardiac ICU/PCU nurse she found herself needing a more fulfilling career path. In 2016 she found her passion in Aesthetic Medicine. Being a functional right brainer and having a love for the arts, Denise knew that aesthetic medicine combined with her creative skill were a match made in heaven.

Having had 4 solid years and counting in the industry she has held multiple lead roles in plastics, dermatology, and med spa practices. She credits her success in the field to training with an array of the most well known in the industry: Dr. Gideon Kwok, Vanessa Lee, Dr. Steve Yoelin, Lori Robertson, Dr. Will Kirby and many more. She never delays the opportunity to learn and grow within the industry.

Denise prides herself in a holistic approach to patient care, including but not limited to laser and injectable treatments. Denise stands firm in her aesthetic approach of harmonizing facial facets and her motto of, “Enhancing your beauty, not taking away from your God given features”. 

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Reise Kochi


Born on the island of Oahu, Reise grew up in Mililani. He is a graduate from Honolulu Community College where he earned a degree in fashion design. Reise has always had a love for customer service, and embraces the opportunity to advise patients on the best treatments for their skin and body concerns. We are extremely grateful for his creative skills and the ideas he brings to the table to create a memorable experience for our patients.

At Honolulu MedSpa, we strive to create beauty through every facet of our services, from the treatments we provide to our delivery of patient care. It’s our talented team that ensures each patient feels loved, beautiful, and well served. Reise Kochi is no exception to this rule. He is a true representative of our ohana as he continues to impress incoming patients with his friendly demeanor, enthusiasm for self-care, and courteous service.

When he is out and about, you can find Reise playing with his Japanese Chin (toy dog) and creating gorgeous leather accessories. Be sure to stop by and say aloha to Reise.

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Traci Kaneshiro


With a background in Family Resources, Traci has always been passionate about education and community. She has found her place at Honolulu MedSpa as a Patient Care Coordinator and truly enjoys building personal relationships with our patients and team members.

Traci’s calm demeanor has been a blessing to patients upon first entering our doors. She puts the needs of others before her own and is always quick to identify what a guest may need even before they know themselves! Her professional skills have lead her to be a great resource for those looking to navigate their way to a healthier, more positive lifestyle.

In her downtime, Traci enjoys photography and ceramics. She is always up for a new adventure on our beautiful island and loves to bring her two dogs along for the ride!

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Allison Sipple, RN, BSN


Allison is an RN, BSN; a graduate of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and a practicing nurse for over seven years. Most recently, Allison worked in a busy Dermatology and Aesthetic practice in her native Nebraska. It was there she realized her true passion; educating, and helping patients achieve healthy skin from the inside out. She became well versed in medical dermatologic skin conditions, treatments, aesthetic needs and services.

Allison’s propensity to help others was realized long before her professional days. As a product of two parents who are educators; it was inevitable she would traverse a similar career path to that of her mother and father. Growing up she always found fulfillment in teaching, learning, and caring for those around her. When it became time to decide what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, she naturally gravitated to a field that was service oriented.

Not long ago, Allison joined our ohana and is here to lead you as you embark upon your aesthetic journey at Honolulu MedSpa. Allison is adept in addressing your concerns and tailoring treatments to best suit your needs. She is driven to provide holistic, evidence-based, patient-centered care and positive client outcomes.

Allison is a lover of life, happily devoted wife and fur mom to her Australian
shepherd, Orion. She is a true wanderluster, yearning to see the world, immerse herself in other cultures and meet people from all walks of life. Outside of work, You’ll catch her breathing in the fresh, salty air, frolicking in the waves, enjoying the lush landscapes and relishing in the panoramic views.

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Kanoe Oda


Kanoe is an adventurous and fun loving person who was born and raised on Oahu and is a proud graduate of Hawaii Cosmetology Academy. Growing up, friends and family regularly sought Kanoe’s advice when it came to skincare and makeup because she demonstrated an early interest in beauty treatments and has always enjoyed helping people improve themselves.

Having grown up in Hawaii to see the cumulative effects of UV exposure as the skin ages, Kanoe grew to believe that real beauty started with great skin and that great skin required more than basic homecare products – it requires therapeutic professional treatments! Inspired by this knowledge, Kanoe now feels that she has found her true calling in the field of Aesthetics. Between her passion for helping others, her insider knowledge of local culture, and the recognition she’s received in her previous positions for exemplary customer service and a positive attitude, Kanoe is a valuable addition to the Honolulu MedSpa ohana. Kanoe enjoys participating in volunteer work and also considers herself to be a foodie who loves to spend time with family and friends, travel, and be outdoors in nature.

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Tiffany Rivera


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Tiana Davidson

Medical Aesthetician & Laser Technician

This Mililani born beauty new she had a passion for skincare after experiencing issues with her own skin. As a teen, Tiana remembers the struggles she faced with acne and the amount of work she put towards finding a solution. She entered the medical spa world as a patient and knew one day she would work behind the chair, providing patients with life-changing results, giving them the confidence to face anything that comes their way.

Tiana received her Associate degree from Honolulu Community College and went on to become a certified Cosmetologist in 2017. Once Tiana became an established skincare provider, she knew that to create real change in the skin and provide patients with the best possible outcome, she would need to enter the medical spa world once again, this time as the expert.

Tiana truly enjoys helping patients look and feel like their best selves and finds the work she does as an Aesthetician so rewarding. Tiana says one of her favorite skin concerns to treat is acne, watching someone start to look up, wear their hair back, or smile without the pain that comes with multiple breakouts is what drives her to do better day after day.

In her free time, you will catch Tiana exploring our beautiful island with her little boy, outdoor activities are a must, but she never forgets her sunscreen!

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Valerie Gomes


Valerie is a licensed Medical Aesthetician & Laser Technician who graduated from Honolulu Cosmetology Academy and has been practicing as an Aesthetician for four years.

Valerie first became passionate about skincare after working for a high-end cosmetic retail store. Working alongside many experts in the skincare industry, she gained valuable knowledge and training that led her to where she is today, noting Dr. Pimple Popper as her #1 skincare idol.

Valerie is passionate about delivering exceptional care and results for every patient. She is a true professional and carries that into the treatment room. Valerie enjoys building genuine relationships with her patients, making you feel like you’re meeting up with one of your girlfriends to chat about life while getting pampered.

What does Valerie love most about what she does? Watching her clients’ transformations over time and helping people feel more beautiful, confident, and happy after their treatments.

Valerie stays just as busy in her downtime. This mommy to be is an avid Cosplay participant and enjoys attending comic-con conventions. She is attentive and caring to her fur babies and enjoys running cross country for the experience and health benefits.

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Shay Bailey


Shay has had an eye for beauty from the moment she stepped into the world. Born and raised in Hawaii, her fondest memories include spending quality time with the influential women in her family and sharing in their experiences of beauty and wellness. Shay knew after graduating high school that her purpose was to establish a thriving career in the beauty industry, she went on to attend Honolulu Community College and received her Cosmetology license in 2010.

From early on, Shay gravitated towards leadership and customer service. Known around the community as “Miss Aloha,” she truly enjoys the daily conversations she shares with the patients and team members at Honolulu MedSpa. She is our go-to girl for all things event planning and has made positive changes in the aesthetic décor of the spa.

Our patients enjoy sitting with Shay to talk story, and always leave with a little more sparkle after engaging in her positive energy.

Education has always been important to Shay; she continues to empower herself with ongoing seminars and training that can help make a positive impact in not only her daily life but will overflow to the work she does in the spa as well.

In her spare time, Shay enjoys spending time with her family; she loves to cook flavors from around the world and does not shy away from trying something new. She is a self-proclaimed shopaholic, noting Sephora as one of her favorite stores. Be sure to say hello to Shay the next time you’re in the spa!

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Chelsea Estanique

Patient Coordinator

Chelsea was born on the west side of Oahu and cannot imagine calling anywhere but Hawaii home. Currently pursuing her degree in Business Technology, Chelsea enjoys her work as a Patient Care Coordinator as this position combines her love of customer service, aesthetics, and administrative work. Chelsea is an incredible wealth of knowledge to our patients, answering any questions they have on our services and products.

A veteran when it comes to customer service, Chelsea first got her foot in the door as a nurse assistant who diligently performed any task given to her, she then transitioned into working for medical spas as a patient care coordinator. Chelsea is passionate about being a part of your experience. She goes above and beyond to make herself available and builds lasting relationships with each of our patients.

When she is not busy doing what she loves at work, Chelsea can be found spending time with her beautiful daughter. Some of their favorite things to do together are hang at the beach, hike and explore new places to create once in a lifetime memories.

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Emiko Miyazawa


Emiko was born in Japan, raised in L.A., and now makes her home in Hawaii. She is famous for infusing the practice with good cheer and takes pride in providing the patients of Honolulu MedSpa with top-notch personalized service.

Fully fluent in both Japanese and English, with personal experience in almost every treatment offered at Honolulu MedSpa, Emiko is well qualified to answer patient questions. She is always happy to share her knowledge and expertise with anyone who asks, and is passionate about sharing and promoting the joy of beauty with others.

Emiko also created her very own custom line of jewelry, M33Ms, and was featured as an up and coming jewelry designer and artist in the July 2013 edition of Honolulu Magazine.

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Brittany Craig


Brittany was born and raised in a small town in the foothills of Northern California before moving to Hawaii in 2012. Growing up, Brittany was surrounded by health, beauty, and wellness in her mother’s California spa. Deeply influenced by this, and fueled by a passion for helping people, she attended Carrington College of California where she became a certified Medical Assistant in 2010.

Brittany is our Lead of Body Contouring at Honolulu MedSpa. With over five years of experience, she has treated each of her patients with expert care. She has provided outstanding results by using a combination of CoolSculpting for permanent fat reduction, EmSculpt to build muscle and burn fat, and Exilis Ultra for body contouring and cellulite reduction. Brittany is a graduate of CoolSculpting University and is known for her customized treatment plans, resulting in high patient satisfaction.

Brittany is also a mother of two beautiful girls and loves outdoor adventures with her family. Be sure to say hello to Brittany when you see her hiking Koko Head!

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Patrina Oshiro


Born and raised on Oahu, Honolulu MedSpa is proud to introduce Patrina “Trina” Oshiro as part of our ohana.

Prior to joining the Honolulu MedSpa team, Trina worked in cosmetics for nearly 7 years where she gained substantial knowledge and experience in skincare and makeup. Later, she returned to school to further her education and graduated in the medical field which also led her to pursuing a career in the beauty and wellness industry.

Trina’s passion for customer service and her expertise in skincare are why she is a great addition to our team.

On her free days away from the spa, Trina enjoys spending quality time with loved ones, traveling and going on shopping/food adventures with her husband.

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