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There are so many options out there when it comes to fighting the signs of aging. Over the years, injectables have become the most sought out facial treatments to combat over-active muscles that lead to lines, wrinkles and deep creases over time. Injectables are a great cosmetic procedure for anyone wanting to enhance their face with a more relaxed, softened look without doing a highly invasive procedure such as a facelift. Injectable treatments such as Botox and Juvederm are gaining popularity due to their immediate results and the promise of little to no downtime.

We caught up with our two head nurses- Leilani and Courtney to ask them the questions you want answered. Read on to see what they had to say about injectable services!

What are the most popular injectable services you perform at Honolulu MedSpa?
Leilani: Botox and filler
Courtney: Botox and filler

Name all the injectables that are available at Honolulu MedSpa?
Leilani + Coutney: Kybella, Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Sculptra, PRP Facelift, Restylane (Silk, Lyft, Refyne, Defyne) Juvederm (XC, Ultra Plus, Voluma, Vollure, Volbella,)

What is one of the main side effects that we can see from getting botox?
Leilani: Side effects and undesirable outcomes are different. Side effects can be something like a headache. Undesirable results that resolve on their own is something like heaviness to brows or lid. A true side effect is Ptosis of the brow or eyelid.
Courtney: Adding onto Leilani’s, bruising

We see the rise of men getting injectables. What bothers them the most? (Forehead wrinkles? Tired eyes? Double chin? Crow’s feet?)
Leilani: All of it! Each guy is different.
Courtney: Agree, all of it

Have you seen any teens wanting injectables wanting to look like social media celebs like Kim and Kylie? Is there an age limit where they can start on these types of procedures?
Leilani: I’ve treated as young as 19 years old. 18 is considered an adult. I haven’t treated anyone younger than 19.
Courtney: Youngest patient was 20. She showed a picture of lips she desired. It was not specific to either Kardashian.

Not only does Botox help with fine lines and wrinkles. We see a lot more people getting the procedure done for migraines and even as an anti-aging benefit. What other are some benefits to Botox that we might not know about?
Leilani: There are more than 700 MEDICAL uses of Botox! It helps with muscle spasm, incontinence, Depression, just to name a few. Time magazine recently published the many uses of Botox.
Courtney: Adding to Leilani’s answer…Research and recent publications on Botox as an anti-depressant.

What is the difference between Botox and Juvederm? Which is better at fighting wrinkles? 
Leilani: They are both different treatments and products. They are not the same. Botox relaxes muscles in the face that causes wrinkles. Juvederm restores volume loss to the face.
Courtney: Agree!

What other treatments would you recommend to combat fine lines and wrinkles if people are afraid of getting injected with a needle?
Leilani: Injectables are instant gratification treatments. Anything other than injectables to combat lines and wrinkles will take time, patience, and a SERIES of treatments to see results.
Lasers, peels, PRP Facials.
A good skin care regimen that is pharmaceutical grade that will CORRECT the skin is key, consistency. Products such as retinol, Vitamin C, SPF, and antioxidants are a must!

Courtney: Yes. Lasers, microneedling with PRP, RF (radio frequency). Most definitely products! Retinol, Vitamin C, growth factors, SPF!, hydration.

What are some common myths about getting Botox?
Leilani + Courtney: It will distort your face! You’ll look plastic. You’ll look fake. Botox lasts 6 months, which is not true.

How long does each injectable last for?
Leilani + Courtney: Fillers last up to 12 months or less. Botox lasts 3 months with full dosing, so maintenance is required for Botox every 3 months.
Kybella is permanent. Sculptors up to 2 years.

On average, how much is each injectable?
Leilani + Courtney: Neuromodulators are $11 per unit. Fillers start at $475 and up to $1500.

Is there any downtime with getting any of these injectables?
Leilani: Yes! Bruising and swelling can be a social downtime. People can take arnica 7 days prior to treatment.
Courtney: If considering injectables (fillers mostly). Plan treatments up to 4 weeks prior to any major event (photo shoot, wedding, etc…) this allows enough time for touch ups or add-ons, and for bruising to resolve. This varies per patient preference, area of treatment, and desired outcome.

Because everyone’s facial features are different in the aging process, it is highly recommended to meet with one of our Aesthetic Nurse Specialists for a complimentary consultation before any injections. Give us a call at 808.528.0888.

Get To Know Honolulu MedSpa’s Olivia Bears

Olivia Bears at Honolulu MedSpa

Ever wonder what it’s like to work for Hawaii’s top medspa?

Get behind the scenes with our all-star team!

At just 23 years old, Olivia Bears is already one of our top medical aestheticians and laser technicians. You might have met her if you’ve come in for laser hair removal, Venus Freeze, or one of our rejuvenating facials. We asked Olivia about her work, her personal beauty routine, and her “famous last words.” Read on for her delightful answers.

Tell us a little bit about you. How did you end up working in the medical spa industry?

Olivia: I’ve always been interested in beauty, but as I got older, my interests were more specific to skin care. When I was 17, I went to a college fair and happened upon a booth for a beauty and wellness school in my area. That’s where my interest grew into a passion. When I moved to Hawaii in 2014, I decided to further my education in esthetics. With the help of my mentors at the Makana Esthetics and Wellness Academy, I was directed to the field of medical aesthetics. I don’t regret a single decision along the way throughout my journey!

What’s a typical day like at Honolulu MedSpa?

Olivia: Busy! Every day is different when you’re working one-on-one with clients because every client’s needs and expectations are different. I could be hopping from appointment to appointment every half hour in the laser hair removal room or I could be spending a little more in-depth time with a client in the facial room talking about different treatments or products he or she could try. It’s exciting!

What qualities do you think someone needs to have to be able to do your job well?

Olivia: Patience, listening skills, the ability to multi-task and be adaptable, and above all… passion for skin care!

What’s your favorite treatment to perform for your patients?

Olivia: I enjoy our medical grade facials the most because they give me time to sit down with a client and get a feel for what he or she is really wanting to get out of his or her treatment and skin in general.

What’s the funniest thing a patient has said to you?

Olivia: While performing a HydraFacial on a first-time client, he said, “Whoa! I feel like a cat is licking me, but I like it!”

What would you say to someone who’s never been to a medical spa before?

Olivia: Don’t be scared! Come in for a consultation. We’ll listen to you and get you started in the right direction.

What is the biggest misunderstanding people have about your job?

Olivia: I don’t get to get facials all the time. 🙁 Also, there is SO much thought that goes into treatment and products that I discuss with clients — skin care is anything but black and white.

What do you think makes Honolulu MedSpa the best medspa facility on the islands?

Olivia: I feel like we genuinely care about our clients’ well-being, but we also care about what’s doable for a client. We understand that beauty doesn’t come cheap, so we really try to guide our clients towards what will give them the best results for their goals and skin type. Not what will make us the most money.

What’s the best part of what you do?

Olivia: Seeing results and hearing how satisfied a client is.

Famous last words?

Olivia: Beauty is hard work and nothing worth having ever comes easy. 😉

Ready to book with Olivia?

Do it!

All About Kybella: How to Get Rid of a Double-Chin

kybella and how to get rid of a double-chin

How to Lose Your Double-Chin Without Liposuction

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Fat cells could win an award for stubbornness. We know this (and probably, you do too) because we’ve all got that one area where our fat cells just won’t let go. And that one bulge or roll often keeps us from feeling fully confident in our bodies.

In the past we’ve introduced body contouring technologies that address areas such as belly fat (the usual culprit), upper arm fat, and love handles. Today we’ll take a look at technology specifically created to treat a very visible part of the body: the chin, or the double-chin, to be precise. Meet Kybella®.

An Introduction to Kybella®

Kybella® is an FDA-approved injectable treatment for adults, that targets fat cells in the chin using a naturally occurring ingredient called deoxycholic acid. In the past, if you were unhappy with your profile or the appearance of a double chin—known in the beauty industry as ‘submental fullness’—having surgery was one of the only ways to treat the problem.

As many men and women know, a double chin—one that remains with both weight loss and weight gain—can be a troublesome area that has been known to be very difficult to treat without surgery. A double-chin, or submental fat, can be the result of genetics, weight gain, or aging. Either way, you may not be overweight, you may even exercise a lot, and still find your double-chin to be an area of concern. In fact, for many people, a double-chin carries more weight (pardon the pun) than fat elsewhere, because it often contributes to looking older or heavier than you really are.

But enough of what we already know. Here’s the good news: Kybella® is proven to effectively treat submental fullness by removing fat cells in the area for good. Kybella® is non-invasive and does not affect nerves or muscles. With each Kybella® injection, fat cells in the area break down and undergo cell death. With time the dead cells are naturally flushed out of your body.

What to Expect From Your Kybella® Treatment

At Honolulu Med Spa, all of our patients are given a complimentary consultation session to discuss their goals, needs and to outline a treatment plan. If you’re doing Kybella®, your aesthetician will help you decide on the number of treatments needed for the result you want to have. Treatments are spaced one month apart, and most patients choose between two to five treatments. During your appointment, you’ll receive multiple small injections of Kybella®. The whole procedure usually takes less than half an hour to perform, and can easily be done on a lunch break.

‘What about pain?’ we hear you ask. You can expect the area under your chin to be red and a bit hot after your treatment. Swelling, bruising, or numbness are all common side effects after Kybella®, but these are just temporary and should go away in a few days. Finally, all that’s left is to enjoy your new profile. It sometimes takes the body a few weeks to fully flush out the dead fat cells, so be patient as you wait to see results. As the cells are removed, the skin will produce new collagen, which has the effect of tightening up the area, for a lovelier look.

Because the effects of Kybella® are permanent, once you’ve achieved your desired results no follow-up treatments are necessary, although you will want to maintain your new profile with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Interested in trying Kybella® and finally saying ‘goodbye’ to your double-chin?

Get in touch with us today and we’ll give you all the information you need to get started.

Inside Honolulu MedSpa: Meet Kanoe Oda

Inside Honolulu MedSpa: Meet Kanoe Oda

Skincare and Beauty

“You should have a genuine interest in Skincare and beauty, and in people and wanting to help them. You need to be a team player” – Kanoe Oda


Get to know more about the people you’ll meet at Honolulu Med Spa with our insider interviews! We wouldn’t be considered the top med spa in Hawaii if not for our outstanding team. This week, meet Kanoe Oda, a 32-year-old Medical Aesthetician & Laser Technician. Kanoe took a break from her daily duties performing facials, chemical peels and laser hair removal to talk to us.

Read on to find out why she loves her job, her favorite facial treatment, and what’s in her bag right now.


Tell us about you. Were you always interested in beauty and skin care?

Yes, taking care of my skin and feeling good was always important to me ever since I was little. Ending up in the skin care and medical field was a perfect fit for me.


What’s a typical day like at Honolulu MedSpa?

Meeting and getting to know new people, catching up with patients, exchanging helpful health and beauty tips. I never really have a “typical” day here. Everyday is unique and I love that.


What qualities do you think someone needs to have to be able to do your job well?

They should have genuine interest in skincare and beauty, and in people and wanting to help them. You need to be a team player.


What’s your favorite treatment to perform for your patients?

The Express Facial. That’s because I like focusing on cleansing the skin and having extra time at the end to recommend products to fit our patients’ specific needs.


What’s the nicest thing a patient has said to you?

The first patient who ever requested me said that I was hands-down the best laser technician she’s ever had. That made me really happy. 🙂


What is the biggest misunderstanding people have about your job?

It may not always seem like it, but it’s a very physical job.


What would you say to someone who’s never been to a medical spa before?

We will probably have more to offer you than you than you realize and you won’t have to spend your life savings either.


What do you think makes Honolulu MedSpa the #1 facility on the islands?

We have something to offer anyone and everyone.


What’s the best part of what you do?

Helping people look and feel better about themselves.


Famous last words?

Happiness is created, not found.


Eager to meet more of the Honolulu MedSpa team? Our med spa is open to welcome you six days a week. Drop by to book your complimentary consultation and get a personalized treatment plan for your skin. We’ll be waiting for you!

Live Pono: 10 Skincare and Beauty Resolutions You Can Stick to in 2017

Achievable Beauty Goals for Feeling and Looking Your Best in 2017

Sure, you never sleep with makeup, always moisturize, and slather on sunscreen religiously, but there is always room for improved routine maintenance and Honolulu MedSpa treatments throughout the year for upkeep and wrinkle prevention. Prep for a year of radiant skin with these 10 smart and easy resolutions (you will actually want to keep). Trust us, your future self will thank you for it!

    1. Start fresh with clean pillowcases, brushes and products—Here’s a feel-good first step to take for you skin in 2017. Wash your pillowcases and keep a stack of clean ones ready to change at least once a week. Give your makeup brushes a sudsy bath and de-clutter the expired makeup and facial products on your dresser (you know the ones we’re talking about.)
    2. Book a yearly check-up with your dermatologist—Get on this one and you won’t have to worry about it later. A yearly body scan is not just for peace of mind. Skin cancer is preventable and early detection is crucial.
    3. Book your monthly Hydrafacial® Liquid Microdermabrasion—Seriously. This is an anti-aging miracle treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, and rejuvenates the skin. The benefits are endless, but think: reduced pore size, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smoother, acne-free skin.
    4. Get to know your personal skin profile—Still don’t know your skin profile? Eliminate the guesswork and schedule a complimentary consultation with a Honolulu MedSpa skincare expert. The goal here is to know the products, timelines and techniques that are effective (and enjoyable) for you. Regardless of your profile, make 2017 the year of total skin hydration—Moisturize, baby.
    5. Treat your neck, chest and hands too—This coming year, remember to spend a little time caring for areas in addition to your face. Your hands, chest, and décolleté also speak volumes about your age and health. From AFT/IPL to injectables, there are a number of solutions for de-aging these assets.
    6. Be consistent—It takes time for any product or regimen to work, and it’s hard to see results if you’re always springing for samples or switching up your treatments too soon. Choose wisely, then give whatever you’ve chosen enough time to work. Remember, the skin needs time to turn over its old cells to reveal new ones, but you can always up the anty and opt for a facial treatment to boost the turnover time.
    7. Eat (and drink) for your skin—Could this be the year you master the art of juicing or mixing amazing smoothies? If not, at least look into adding more antioxidant- and vitamin-rich fruits and veggies into your diet. Eating fresh and healthy is a proven route to a glowing complexion. And, need we mention, drink more water? Make it goal to have a glass or bottle on hand, day in and day out.
    8. Accept and enhance—Just be you. No one else can do it better. Own it. Love it and let your confidence shine by accepting what can’t be changed, while learning how to highlight your best features instead. If you’re not sure what those are, ask your friends! Still have that nagging “problem area”? Chances are, a complimentary Honolulu MedSpa consultation with a body-sculpting or skincare expert will help you arrive at an affordable, realistic, and healthy solution to help you feel and look your ultimate best.
    9. Try something new—If something sparks your interest and makes you curious, don’t be scared to give it a try just once. It may be a new type of yoga (great for your skin) a new treatment suggested by your Honolulu MedSpa skincare expert. You’re only going to experience this year once, after all.
    10. Live. Love. Laugh.—Add this phrase to your daily vocabulary and, we promise, you’ll feel better altogether. We do, after all, live in the top location known as the happiest, healthiest, and least stressed-out state.


Inspired to make these skincare resolutions your own? Visit us at Honolulu Med Spa to discover world-class treatments or to have a personalized treatment plan made just for you.

And, of course, Hau’oli Makahiki Hou

Your First Honolulu MedSpa Consultation—What to Expect

Honolulu MedSpa complimentary consultation

Our Complimentary Consultation Process

Curious about what happens during a consultation? In short, it’s all about you! We want to know how we can help you feel and look your best. There’s lots to look forward to as you and your Honolulu MedSpa medical aesthetician work together to tailor an experience that matches your needs. Here are a few answers to common questions about consultations, so you know exactly what to expect.

Why do I need to have a consultation?

The goal of the consultation is to customize a treatment plan and experience with you in mind. This includes your physiology, your goals and expectations, your budget, your health and safety, and everything in between. At Honolulu MedSpa we take our time, as we know this part can be overwhelming.

What should I expect during the consultation?

We’ll start by asking questions about your lifestyle, skincare and/or exercise routine, medical history, and the results you’re looking for. Then we’ll discuss treatments that might be a good fit. Through the whole process, your personal levels of comfort and commitment are always considered. Just remember, at Honolulu MedSpa, we do not employ “sales” tactics to get you to spend more or overdo it. Our job is to match the perfect treatment to your needs so that you walk away with optimal results—Bottom Line.

How should I prepare for my consultation?

We’ll ask you to arrive early to fill out our medical intake form. This form gives your consultant an idea of your skin/overall health history. The consultation is a time to talk about you. It’s a good idea to speak about any treatments you had in the past, what you liked or didn’t like, and what products you’re currently using on your skin or to supplement your diet. Knowing your work or travel schedule will also help us book your appointments.

How much does a consultation cost?

At Honolulu MedSpa, all our consultations are complimentary.

How long will the consultation take?

Most of our consultations last from 30 to 45 minutes depending on which or how many services you’re interested in.

Can I receive treatment on the same day as the consultation?

There are a few cases when the Medical Aesthetician can see you and book your appointment immediately after if there’s availability. However, for your safety and to give you time to think about your options, normally appointments are not booked on the same day as consultations. Our treatments can range from mild to aggressive, so we want to take time to make sure the right treatment is recommended, and all pre- and post-care instructions are covered.

Can I get a consultation with the MedSpa’s Medical Director?

Our Medical Director Dr. Yeo is on-site every day. He trusts our expertly trained staff to meet with patients and recommend services and products—he even receives treatments from them on a regular basis! Sometimes Dr. Yeo may be called to consult with a patient, but all consultations are booked with either Honolulu MedSpa’s Clinical Manager or our lead Medical Aesthetician.

Who will treat me?

We have an amazing staff that works together to address each patient’s individual concerns. Our staff consists of four nurses, one medical assistant, and five medical aestheticians. All our aestheticians have completed their certifications and are licensed in the state of Hawaii.

Whichever service you request, one of our experts will be solely focused on you. We are proud to offer our patients the best of the best, which is why they love Honolulu MedSpa (and you will too!)