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CoolSculpting is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that is a non-surgical method to lose unwanted fat. By freezing the unwanted fat cells, it is safer than liposuction and promotes minimal downtime, which allows you to get right back to your daily activities following treatment.  

Coolsculpting is not a quick fix or permanent solution to achieve weight loss. However, it does help with those stubborn areas on the body where the fat just doesn’t seem to budge no matter how hard you workout or diet.

Coolsculpting destroys up to 20% of fat which is targeted with each treatment, and is well tolerated by patients. There is such a thing as an ideal patient for CoolSculpting; someone who is at a stable weight, or has recently lost the extra weight putting them within their target “zone” and someone who lives a healthy lifestyle. CoolSculpting is a treatment for those who are stuck with stubborn fat bulges that may be deemed “exercise resistant fat.”  If you are looking for general weight loss, start with a healthy eating and exercise plan that you can adopt as a lifestyle choice.

Losing or gaining weight does not destroy fat cells, but instead, changes the size of the fat cells. When you diet, you shrink your fat cells and when you gain weight, your expand your fat cells. Coolsculpting helps by targeting problematic areas with a method known as Cryolypolisis, this destroys up to 20% of fat cells permanently. This is the only known treatment of it’s kind and has been FDA approved for the permanent removal of unwanted fat.

If you have stubborn fat to lose, CoolSculpting is the right choice for you. This treatment is not a quick fix for weight loss and should not be used to drop extra lbs. If you are looking for a sleeker, slimmer profile and have a few problem areas to discuss, give us a call at 808-528-0888 to book a complimentary consultation.

CoolSculpting treatments will be 10% off through the month of August when booked at your consultation appointment. We hope to see you soon!


Vote for Us! Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment Provider—Honolulu Magazine

Vote Honolulu MedSpa Laser Hair Removal

Modesty is certainly a virtue. But let’s face it. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Hawaii’s Favorite Painless Laser Hair Removal Provider

Year after year, we have been a Hawaii favorite for our painless laser hair removal services. We know this because we have received ongoing, unsolicited positive feedback on platforms like Yelp and Facebook. Our patients tell us, but, more importantly, they come back for additional services based on their experience with their painless laser hair removal treatments and a deeper level trust in our expertise. This speaks volumes!

One of our proudest achievements is our two-year winning streak as Honolulu Magazine’s Best of Award Winner for Laser Hair Removal. This award is particularly special to us because it is based on your votes! Plus, it gives our staff of experts a well-deserved shout out for their highly sought after technical skills and thorough approach for permanent results.

Vote Honolulu MedSpa as the Island’s Best Laser Hair Removal Provider

If you have had the service and wish to support our rock-star team, take a moment to do the following by March 31, 2017. Please note: You can only vote once per IP address.

  1. Visit this Link.
  2. Under the “Best in Services” section, fill in our name: Honolulu MedSpa in the field next to “Laser Hair Removal”
  3. While you’re at it (and if the feeling strikes you), enter our name in the field next “Day Spa.”
  4. Finally, click “Submit.”

BONUS: Honolulu Magazine is entering any voter (ages 21+) who casts a vote into a drawing to win one of the two prizes:

  • A day at the spa, or
  • Dine around town package worth $500.

Check Out Our Painless Laser Hair Removal Special

In the meantime—as Honolulu Magazine tallies the votes—be sure to share (or take advantage of) our current Painless Laser Hair Removal special. This is our most popular special of the year!


Book a Complimentary Consultation for Painless Laser Hair Removal

Interested in learning more? Book a free consultation with us and we can help determine which treatment options best address your needs. All you have to do is give us a holler!

The 90-Day Peel Challenge—Are You in Honolulu?

90-Day Peel Challenge Honolulu

The 90-Day Peel Challenge—A Complexion Makeover

Peels are a secret weapon to keeping skin younger, firmer, and more vibrant. We are gearing up for the holidays and ready to move into 2017 with a fresh look. Are you game for our 90-Day Peel Challenge?

The Kick-Off Event

Join us on October 13, 5:30—7:30 p.m. for the kick-off of this major makeover event! We’ll get you started on a fast track to restoring your skin over the next three months.

Here’s What’s In Store
• A brief, informative presentation on the benefits of the SkinMedica Progressive Skincare series
• A real-time closeup of your skin’s true condition using the Reveal Vizia Imager
• A customized skincare package made just for you to complement the peels
• Your very first treatment of the series with one of our expert medical aestheticians
• First dibs on pre-booking between October and December
• A complimentary express facial during your final peel appointment!
• Your own set of Before & After photos to document your makeover

On December 15, 2016, the winner of the 90-Day Peel Challenge will be announced!
The prize, the full 90-Day Challenge at no cost (valued at $1200), will go to the patient with the best results and most improved complexion.

During this finale party, a panel will judge the results of each patient. He or she with the most exceptional results will walk away with not only a beautiful, glowing complexion BUT also gets to skip out on the bill!

Limited Space. Book Now! Call 808-528-0888.

3 Facts on the Psychological Seduction of Long Lashes

Honolulu Latisse

Think Katie Perry, Adele, or Kim Kardashian. Lush, long lashes are in style—and really, have always been—so we thought we would take a look at the “science,” or rather psychology of the value we, as a society, place on such a simple, yet dramatic detail.

Whether it’s Maybelline or Bobbi Brown, we love our mascara. The eye-popping benefits behind the life-saving lash-boosting Latisse treatment have taken the meaning of “butterfly kisses” to the next level.

So, why do we go to great lengths to accentuate such a small area of the face? Here are our thoughts, along with some insights provided by Psychology Today Magazine.

Eye Contact is Everything.

Our eyes are naturally drawn to and stimulated by movement. The longer the lashes, the more prominent the eye movement appears. In turn, eye contact is initiated more frequently.

Long Lashes keep us looking younger.

As we age, our ears and noses grow. Longer, darker lashes widen and open the eyes up, which help maintain the proportions of the face.

Brighter eyes imply better health.

Long, dark lashes line the eyeballs and provide a beautiful contrast to the whites of our eyes, making them appear brighter and in turn healthier.

Looking for a solution to getting longer lashes? Check out our September Special on Latisse. The results are amazing!



Venus Freeze Skin Tightening—A Honolulu Essential For Age Defying Results

Honolulu Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze Skin Tightening: Say Goodbye Skin Laxity … And Yes, Even Cellulite

Defy gravity. No Downtime. No Surgery. Venus FreezeTM Skin Tightening is no longer a celebrity secret!

Contour the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Venus FreezeTM Skin Tightening—an age-defying treatment that harnesses the power of Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse Energy to lift, firm, and tighten the skin around the face, while contouring and smoothing the body.

It’s a Hollywood Hit! Watch this clip on EXTRA!

This Month Only

Face: $250 (Reg $300)
Body: $150 (Reg $200)

Purchase Your Package Now through August 31, 2016!

Honolulu Painless Laser Hair Removal Special

Honolulu Painless Laser Hair Removal

Painless Laser Hair Removal Special

We’re celebrating our big win! Mahalo, Hawaii, for voting for us in Honolulu Magazine’s Best Of  edition. We’re proud to say that this is our second year in a row to win Best Of in Laser Hair Removal!

To Celebrate Our Win: Buy Two, Get One Free Through July 31, 2016

Painless. Permanent. Smooth Perfection.

Come see why fans voted us The Best Of in the category of Laser Hair Removal by Honolulu Magazine.

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