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It’s that time of year again! The upcoming back-to-back holiday parties, family get togethers and late night work events. I think we can all agree this holiday season crept up on us faster than we expected, and some of us just aren’t ready! We know you have a million and two things to think about this season, so we’re sharing a list of go-to beauty treatments that will keep you looking holiday ready. 


Whether it’s our Signature Hydrafacial or a customized Medical Grade Facial, our skin treatments deliver dramatic results that will leave you red carpet ready for any occasion. With the HydraFacial, this deep cleanse will target specific skin concerns such as congestion, pore size, texture and aging. It is by far our most popular facial service. If you need a little more, try adding on a dermaplaning service, light chemical peel or even upgrading to our Advanced Hydrafacial. Our team of Aesthetic experts are always available to consult with you and create a treatment designed with your needs in mind. 


A treatment that has been popular for decades! Botox uses a natural protein to smooth out frown lines associated with aging that are typical around the eyes, forehead and between the eyebrows. At your first appointment, you will consult with our Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, she will suggest a number of units for your treatment that will soften unwanted lines and wrinkles. Botox injections typically take no more than 15 minutes, and will produce results in about 5-7 days. We suggest to receive your Botox treatment at least 1-2 weeks in advance of an event or party. 


Yet another excellent pre-holiday treatment! HA Dermal Fillers will give you back a natural, youthful look to the face which diminishes with aging. At Honolulu MedSpa we offer a variety of dermal fillers that will help with volume loss around the mouth and jowls, and will help to add contours to the cheeks and jawline. You may experience some mild bruising and swelling after your dermal filler appointment. We suggest receiving this service 2-3 weeks before any event or party. 


A Chemical Peel treatment is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin. Patients that are concerned with scaring, pigmentation, texture or just a dull look can achieve healthier and brighter skin after a peel. During the treatment, a peel solution is applied to the skin that causes the skin to exfoliate and eventually shed off. The new, regenerated skin is smoother and less worn. Give your skin time to recuperate and receive peels 2 weeks prior to any event. 


EmSculpt is a revolutionary new procedure that lifts and tones–with no surgery. EmSculpt is based on High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) field technology which has the ability to induce supramaximal muscle contractions. Build muscle and burn fat with 2 treatments of EmSculpt weekly for 2-3 weeks. Common treatment areas are the abs, glutes, biceps, triceps and calves. This no-downtime, muscle building treatment will have you looking lean and fit in your holiday attire!

If you want smooth, glowing skin, or a more flattering figure in that cocktail dress, make an appointment with one of our consultants today to get you ready for the holidays. Call us today for your complimentary appointment at 808.528.0888.


Facials are recommended every 4-6 weeks to maintain healthy, glowing skin. It should be added to your regular skincare routine if you want to keep your skin balanced, and keep those breakouts at bay. Here are some dos and don’ts before and after a facial.


– Keep skin hydrated and drink lots of water to flush out all the toxins to keep that healthy, glowy complexion we all love immediately after the facial. More hydration means longer lasting results.

– Keep up with an exfoliant. Dead skin cells build up and depending on the facial, it is recommended to start your exfoliant 3 days after your facial and keep it up 2-3 days per week. The type of skin you present with, type of exfoliant and what treatments you receive will all help determine how often you should exfoliate.

– Use a brightening serum. We love our Vitamin C rich antioxidants and our Lytera. The goal is to brighten dull skin and boost collagen production. Brightening serums keep the skin balanced, toned and radiant.

– Follow your Aesthetician’s advice. We are always here to help you along your skin journey. Our recommendation are customized with your best interest in mind.

– Book your next monthly facial appointment. We offer packages on all of our services and pre-purchasing a series is the best way to stay committed and keep your skin looking its best!


– Try to avoid a spray tan as your skin tone will be slightly off. We have also noticed that when patients receive a spray tan to the face, they are more likely to have breakouts. No thanks!

– Don’t exfoliate our use high percentage retinols 48 hours before your appointment. We don’t want your skin to be over-sensitized and react poorly to the treatment.

– Avoid the steam room or heavy workouts that can make you sweat heavily. We just cleaned your skin, and some inflammation can happen. We suggest waiting 24-48 hours after your treatment to resume those heat related activities.

– Wax, shave or have laser hair removal immediately after. We do allow laser hair removal appointments to be booked right before the treatment, but not after. Waxing and shaving is permitted before, but not after.

– Spend time in the sun immediately after your appointment. Let your skin soak up all the goodness it just received and do not expose it to harmful UV rays. You are more likely to get a sunburn to the skin if you are exposed to sun immediately after an exfoliating facial

– Pick at the skin. Please just don’t. If we didn’t get it the first time there was a reason why. We will always explain what we are doing to the skin and what it can handle.  

Ready to put these facial dos and don’ts into action? We look forward to helping you meet your skin care goals, give us a call to book your facial treatment at Honolulu MedSpa. Call us today at 808.528.0888


Mythbusters! We’re breaking down some common skin myths and giving you the facts!

Skin mythbusters

We’ve all heard the popular misconceptions and rumored wives tales about beauty, but are they right? We are settling all the facts that are the most popular myths that we’ve all grown up to hear over the years…

MYTH #1: You don’t need to moisturize if you have oily skin.

FACT: No matter what your skin type is, you need to be using some kind of moisturizer to keep your skin balanced and nourished. While oily skin requires the least amount of added moisture, a moisturizer is still vital for nourishing and hydrating the skin.  

MYTH #2: You only get acne from not washing your face.

FACT: Most cosmetic products that provide color and create illusion on the skin leave a toxic film on the skin’s surface that can cause irritation, inflammation, dehydration and clog the pores. But keep in mind that genetics, and hormonal fluctuations can cause those breakouts too. Many times meeting with a licensed skin professional is the best way to start your clear skin journey. It could be as simple as proper clinical and homecare maintenance to clear up irritation.

MYTH #3: You can get rid of cellulite permanently

FACT: Ultimately cellulite tends to be hereditary; it doesn’t just affect people who are overweight. Exercising and keeping the area toned reduces it, but you can only improve the appearance.

MYTH #4: People with dry skin age faster

FACT: The main cause of ageing skin is predominantly sun exposure, smoking and pollution. Over time, sun exposure breaks down collagen fibers which keep the skin looking youthful and plump. Dry skin does not cause wrinkles or ageing, however it can emphasise them.

MYTH #5: Applying a higher SPF means you can stay in the sun for a long time

FACT: Theoretically, a higher SPF increases the amount of time you can stay in the sun and be protected, however, you still need to reapply regularly as sunscreen with a high SPF wears off as well. Ingredients play a role in protections as well. Look with products that have a high zinc level for optimal protection.

MYTH #6: All-Natural products are the best

FACT: Natural may be “in” and sound good, but the fact is that these products hardly ever deliver on their promises. Look for medical-grade products with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients for products that will truly change, correct and improve the skin.

MYTH #7: All I need to do for great skin is drink 8 glasses of water a day

FACT: While water is great for overall health, it is a small part of the picture when it comes to the quality of your skin. Protecting your skin with sunscreen and using a proper skincare regimen is vital to keep your skin looking its best.

MYTH #8: You should use the same skincare products for day and night

FACT: During the day, your skin is in “protect” mode, and you should help it on its way with products that offer defense from free radical damage and sunlight. Always wear sunscreen or skincare products that provide SPF protection and include antioxidants. At night, your skin is no longer defending itself from pollution or light, and so night time products tend to be more regenerative and contain restorative ingredients such as peptides, vitamins and retinol.

MYTH #9: Rubbing alcohol will “kill” your acne.

FACT: Rubbing alcohol is much too drying and irritating for skin. It will dry you out so much that your skin will overcompensate by producing excess sebum and clog you up.

MYTH #10 Botox prevents wrinkles permanently

FACT: Botox can help prevent deep imprinted lines that we refer to as wrinkles because of the effect of relaxing the muscles that can cause creases in the skin. When you have Botox, you are preventing fine lines and preventing the deepening of those wrinkles that you already have. If you start early, you will atrophy the facial muscles and weaken them so you don’t have to get Botox as often when you are older.

Whether you want to bust more skin care myths or you would like a professional skin consultation, we are only a phone call away! 808-528-0888

SUMMER SKIN RECOVERY: What to do after the days of summer

SUMMER SKIN RECOVERY: What to do after the days of summer

Between the heat and the sun, there is no doubt that our skin took a beating over the summer months. With the seasons changing, so does the weather, and it’s the perfect time to do some major skin recovery to get your skin back to a healthy state. Here are some post-summer skin recovery tips to get that glow back!


Exfoliate for clearer, smoother skin. It helps to remove dead, dulling skin debris to prevent congestion and improve hydration from serums, moisturizers and sunscreens. One of our top picks is the Ultimate Hydration facial. With the exfoliation of our Hydrafacial + the benefits of the Oxygen infusion, this is a great way to not only decongest the skin, but bring back hydration and balance to the skin.


Moisturizing is one of the most important steps to any skin care routine! Not only does it help to lock in moisture, but it also helps to soothe your skin. Make sure you are using the right moisturizer that fits your skin’s needs. At Honolulu MedSpa we carry only physician dispensed skincare. If you would like to try a product, or learn more about the skincare line which is right for you please give us a call to book your complimentary consultation.


With months of time spent in the sun and heat, hyper-pigmentation from the sun and new brown spots can surely pop up. Chemical peels are a great way to freshen up the skin after the summer. By removing part of the dead skin layer, peels can improve skin radiance and lighten discoloration. The Vitalize peel is excellent for anyone that has some sun damage and acne that wants a fresh, more even-toned and less broken out skin.

Fall is a great time to get started on your summer skin recover! Call Honolulu MedSpa for a free consultation at 808.528.0888.


Nowadays, people are concerned with aging more than ever. We all want to live long, happy and healthy lives while trying to slow down the aging process as much as we can. It’s no wonder that the anti-aging market is a multi-billion dollar business. We are all searching for the best products that help correct our skin. While genetics do play a role on how we will age, daily habits and our lifestyle is more telling than how our parents aged over the years.

Just like our family medical history, the same will definitely go for our skin, but you also have a say in your lifestyle choices. Smoking, sun exposure, eating habits and overall health has a lot to do with how our skin ages. Another factor that can cause aging is stress. It will break down the skin on a cellular level, speeding up the aging process and leaving us to look much older than we truly are. Stress can also cause your skin to breakout, encourage hair loss, and breakdown collagen within the skin, ultimately causing more wrinkles.  

If you choose to smoke, receive unprotected sun exposure, and do not choose a healthy diet, eventually it will catch up to you despite you having “good genes”.

The great news is that if you weren’t born into “great genes,” it’s never too late to start doing something about it. You can start eating healthy, getting enough sleep, using a proper skincare regimen suited for your skin type, wear sunscreen everyday, work out, and practice stress relieving exercises.

As time goes on you will notice the difference, and will know who actually takes great care of their skin and who doesn’t.

For tips on healthy skin habits or to book a complimentary consultation with our skin expert, please call 808-528-0888


A chemical peel can be intimidating to many, but without a doubt, it will leave your complexion absolutely glowing! We offer a variety of chemical peels that will suit your skin type and leave you with noticeable results. As we age, our dead skin cells lose their ability to slough off in a timely manner. This causes our skin to look dull, wrinkled and discolored from sun exposure and other pigmentation problems. By effectively removing old, dead skin cells and increasing new cellular production, a brighter, more youthful epidermis is revealed.

Just what is a chemical peel?

It is a treatment performed by a licensed provider which begins with the application of appropriate chemical solutions to the skin to aid in exfoliation. Chemical peels work to speed up cellular turnover which increases the production of collagen in the skin. This treatment improves skin texture, softens fine lines/wrinkles, improve acne/acne scars, lightens pigmentation and sun damage.

How to choose the right peel?

Choosing the right peel for your skin type is very important. Our aestheticians will be able to recommend the right peel that suits your skin’s needs and ultimate skincare goals. The effectiveness of a peel is determined by the acids used and also the percentage. From light to deep peels, there is one to fit your skin type. Here at Honolulu MedSpa we will do a consultation and tests to determine what peel is right for your skin. 

When will I experience the results?

Old skin will slough off over a 4-7 day period, depending on the strength of the peel. The treated skin will look noticeably improved by day 7-10. More radiant, rejuvenated and softer skin will be revealed with just one peel, but a series of peels will give you more significant results.

We do recommend starting with a complimentary consultation in order to determine the best peel for your skin. To schedule a free consultation with Honolulu MedSpa, please call 808.528.0888. Start the New Year with your best face forward!