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How to Get Rid of Cellulite and Fat: From CoolSculpting to Venus Freeze

fat loss and cellulite removal

Fat Loss. Cellulite Removal. Which Treatment is Right for Me?

Interested in body sculpting? You’re not alone! The idea of being able to (finally) kiss that stubborn bulge goodbye, or get that smooth curve you’re so close to achieving, is undeniably enticing. But where to begin?

If you’re new to body sculpting treatments, or perhaps interested in really amping up the results, keep reading. But first, let’s look at what your body sculpting options are, and how these fat loss and cellulite removal treatments work:

Best for Treatment Overall Fat Loss: CoolSculpting© Plus+

CoolSculpting®, one of the most popular treatments at Honolulu MedSpa, permanently freezes away fat from the belly, thighs, and other large areas of the body through a process called cryolipolysis. While this treatment has quickly become a household name based on its rockstar results, our process and approach—we call it CoolSculpting® Plus+—can provide extremely comprehensive and unparalleled results. Our technique introduces Z-Wave technology to the CoolSculpting® process, which adds a powerful boost to the combustion of fat molecules. There’s no downtime, and you can expect to see up to 25% of fat cells gone from treated areas.

What makes CoolSculpting® Plus+ so popular and effective is the range and breadth of resources we have to treat a variety of areas on the body. There are a variety of device combinations and techniques to freeze your way to a slimmer silhouette. Want double the impact in less time? Come on in for a consultation and we’ll bend your ear on DualSculpting. For smaller areas of concern, like the double chin (or submental fat) and underarms, the CoolMini® does a beautiful job eliminating fat cells. You can expect to see the first results about three weeks after your treatment date.

Best Treatment for Refined Body Sculpting: TightSculpting™

Honolulu MedSpa is the first medical spa to deliver the advanced laser treatment TightSculpting™ to Hawaii! This groundbreaking, versatile body sculpting and skin tightening treatment have been making many patients smile based on some beautiful results. During the procedure, multiple lasers work at the same time to gently treat areas plagued by stubborn, excess fat. The first stage heats fat cells beneath the skin, and the second stage works on the skin’s surface to stimulate new collagen growth. Seeing smoother, lifted skin right away is one of the best parts of a TightSculpting™ session!

Best Treatment for Cellulite Removal: Venus Freeze®

A tried-and-tested choice, especially when it comes to cellulite, the Venus Freeze® device uses multi-polar radio frequency to shrink fat cells and spur existing collagen to contract. This treatment is usually requested for the thighs and derriere and anywhere cellulite regularly rears its ugly head. We suggest patients book at least one session per season, but many patients schedule treatments monthl—they enjoy the results that much.

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All About Kybella: How to Get Rid of a Double-Chin

kybella and how to get rid of a double-chin

How to Lose Your Double-Chin Without Liposuction

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Fat cells could win an award for stubbornness. We know this (and probably, you do too) because we’ve all got that one area where our fat cells just won’t let go. And that one bulge or roll often keeps us from feeling fully confident in our bodies.

In the past we’ve introduced body contouring technologies that address areas such as belly fat (the usual culprit), upper arm fat, and love handles. Today we’ll take a look at technology specifically created to treat a very visible part of the body: the chin, or the double-chin, to be precise. Meet Kybella®.

An Introduction to Kybella®

Kybella® is an FDA-approved injectable treatment for adults, that targets fat cells in the chin using a naturally occurring ingredient called deoxycholic acid. In the past, if you were unhappy with your profile or the appearance of a double chin—known in the beauty industry as ‘submental fullness’—having surgery was one of the only ways to treat the problem.

As many men and women know, a double chin—one that remains with both weight loss and weight gain—can be a troublesome area that has been known to be very difficult to treat without surgery. A double-chin, or submental fat, can be the result of genetics, weight gain, or aging. Either way, you may not be overweight, you may even exercise a lot, and still find your double-chin to be an area of concern. In fact, for many people, a double-chin carries more weight (pardon the pun) than fat elsewhere, because it often contributes to looking older or heavier than you really are.

But enough of what we already know. Here’s the good news: Kybella® is proven to effectively treat submental fullness by removing fat cells in the area for good. Kybella® is non-invasive and does not affect nerves or muscles. With each Kybella® injection, fat cells in the area break down and undergo cell death. With time the dead cells are naturally flushed out of your body.

What to Expect From Your Kybella® Treatment

At Honolulu Med Spa, all of our patients are given a complimentary consultation session to discuss their goals, needs and to outline a treatment plan. If you’re doing Kybella®, your aesthetician will help you decide on the number of treatments needed for the result you want to have. Treatments are spaced one month apart, and most patients choose between two to five treatments. During your appointment, you’ll receive multiple small injections of Kybella®. The whole procedure usually takes less than half an hour to perform, and can easily be done on a lunch break.

‘What about pain?’ we hear you ask. You can expect the area under your chin to be red and a bit hot after your treatment. Swelling, bruising, or numbness are all common side effects after Kybella®, but these are just temporary and should go away in a few days. Finally, all that’s left is to enjoy your new profile. It sometimes takes the body a few weeks to fully flush out the dead fat cells, so be patient as you wait to see results. As the cells are removed, the skin will produce new collagen, which has the effect of tightening up the area, for a lovelier look.

Because the effects of Kybella® are permanent, once you’ve achieved your desired results no follow-up treatments are necessary, although you will want to maintain your new profile with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Interested in trying Kybella® and finally saying ‘goodbye’ to your double-chin?

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Honolulu MedSpa Body Sculpting Q&A: CoolSculpting® or TightSculpting® … or Venus Freeze?

coolsculpting hawaii


You ask, we answer! With so many options for body sculpting available, it can be tricky choosing just one. That’s why we’re here! We gathered your most pressing questions about body sculpting and brought them to the aestheticians at our award-winning spa. Check out our latest Honolulu MedSpa Q&A just below to find out where to start, why two treatments can be better than one, and why pain is not a problem.


I’m new to body sculpting. How does it work?

There are several ways we’re able to address body fat with non-invasive treatments. In the most advanced technology, we use lasers, often more than one at a time, to target adipose (fat) tissue beneath the skin. The cell can be contracted to release its store of fat, or we can stimulate cell metabolism, or freeze the cell, to the point where the fat cell dies and is naturally eliminated by the body. This is the science behind body sculpting in a nutshell.


Don’t worry — during your complimentary consultation with a Honolulu MedSpa body sculpting expert, you’ll find out a lot more about each treatment, and which one will be most effective for your needs.


Which treatment should I begin with?

That depends on your initial concerns and where you want to invest your time and money. Chances are, you have a specific area or goal you want to work on. We treat each of our patients individually and create personalized treatment plans for each patient based on his or her specific concerns.


What should I address first, loose skin or unwanted fat?

Fat bulges and skin elasticity loss are the two main worries patients bring to us at Honolulu. If there’s stubborn, exercise-resistant fat on the body, we usually recommend treating that first. Afterward we move on to improving skin elasticity; or as some patients say, “Tighten everything up!”


Can I expect better results by combining two types of treatments?

One benefit of combining treatments is a more defined, sculpted physique. If you only want to remove unwanted fat that’s perfectly okay, but almost everyone can benefit from skin tightening too. We encourage you to begin with one treatment for your immediate needs, and then explore complementary treatments for more comprehensive, long-term results.


Are body sculpting treatments painful?

Nothing to worry about here! Although we do mention ‘heat’ when we talk about stimulating cell metabolism, this is almost always a gentle, easily tolerable warmth. Most patients read or even nap through body sculpting treatments, that’s how comfortable they are!

Still have questions? Our body sculpting experts are available six days a week to meet with you. Take the first step toward your dream body by visiting our award-winning med spa today!

Honolulu MedSpa Christmas Wish List

hawaii christmas spa

‘Tis the Season: Honolulu MedSpa Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a unique way to treat your loved ones this holiday season? Honolulu MedSpa is here to help! Below are our best self-care-inspired gift ideas for each special person in your life (including you!).

Smooth Sailing in 2017: Painless Laser Hair Removal

Got a friend who loves being on the beach? We’ll help them look their best. Our award-winning Laser Hair Removal is one of our most popular treatments. Each treatment starts with a free consultation, where we personalize a schedule to get skin smooth and fuzz-free. Comfort-focused and driven by creating customized results, we’re well known on the islands (and beyond) for our pain-free and effective laser hair removal.

For the Woman On-the-Go: Venus Freeze™ Skin Tightening

This one is proven effective and so efficient, it can even be done over a lunch break! Venus Freeze™ Skin Tightening uses multipolar radio frequency and magnetic pulse fields to stimulate natural healing and firming processes in the body. Skin will feel firmer, smoother, and more supple immediately after, and the effect will continue over the coming months as new collagen grows.

For the Jetsetter: Ultimate Hydration Facial

Had one too many long, dehydrating plane rides? Thirsty skin gets a deep drink of moisture in this refreshing HydraFacial. We use gentle microdermabrasion to remove dead cells and polish the skin, then infuse water-binding hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidant serums into deeper layers of the skin to make days of dry, dull skin a distant memory.

For Deserving Moms and Dads: 4D Facelift

This is one of our newest treatments, and already it’s a favorite. The four components to the 4D Facelift work in combination to restore and improve skin on many levels. The SmoothLift® mode plumps nasolabial folds from the inside out. FRAC3® targets imperfections. PIANO® mode firms and tightens exterior facial skin, and SupErficial™ acts as a light peel to give your face a fresh, pearly finish. And you can relax, because there’s no pain or downtime involved. Win-win!

For the Family Diva: InstaLift™ Red Carpet Facial

For the lady who loves looking fabulous, InstaLift™ Red Carpet Facial touches everything: face, neck and décolleté. First, we gently exfoliate the skin using liquid microdermabrasion. Then, a non-invasive laser stimulates new collagen growth. Finally, hyperbaric oxygen infusions instantly nourish and moisturize skin, reducing signs of age and stress. All ready for those holiday pictures!

For Everybody: Handpicked Skincare Products

Enable a loved one to enjoy a top-of-the-line, healthy skin care routine at home! Honolulu MedSpa carries pharmaceutical-grade skincare products, that are only available through licensed physicians and medical institutions.

Choose from the complete SkinMedica® GRASS regimen, which focuses on essential skin nutrients to correct discoloration and damage; the SkinCeuticals® line of preventative products with powerful antioxidant compounds; or the Clarisonic® Sonic Skin Cleansing system for removing dirt, makeup and natural buildup effortlessly.

Give us a call to book a treatment for a loved one, or stop by our spa to spoil yourself or someone else this holiday season. We’ll be waiting for you!

Body Sculpting 101—The Simple Science of Fat Loss

body sculpting hawaii

Body Sculpting 101: The Simple Science Behind Fat Loss (and Where It Goes)

Poor fat. It must feel terribly misunderstood. We hear so much about ‘fat loss’ these days; but not many of us have a clear picture of what fat is, how we gain it, and what happens when we lose it. To help you understand fat and your best medspa options for removing it, here’s a quick primer.

The Basics of Fat

Believe it or not fat is a good thing to have in your body. Essential fat, that is. Essential fat is stored in small amounts in your muscles, organs, bone marrow and nervous system, and plays an important role in helping your body function properly. If you’re a man, essential fat is usually about 3% of your body weight. If you’re a woman, it’s 12% (unfair, we know, but it’s necessary.)

The other kind of fat the body holds is storage fat. Like its name implies, storage fat is stored in your body in several places, but especially under the skin. Some of this storage fat protects your internal organs. Storage fat is the fat that increases when we gain weight.

Weight gain is the result of the body storing extra energy that it doesn’t end up using. This energy is stored as fat inside your fat cells. Instead of multiplying to store more fat, your fat cells actually get larger and larger. If the stored energy is used, the fat cells shrink. (In case you’re interested, fat that is stored is called “triacylglycerol” and fat cells are called “adipocytes.”)

Weight Loss vs. Body Sculpting

Weight loss normally happens by changing activity and/or diet so that stored energy in your fat cells is consumed. It may surprise you to know that you don’t actually lose fat cells, even when you lose weight. The body holds onto its fat cells for future storage needs.

Bodysculpting, on the other hand, involves using advanced technology, in many cases to remove the entire fat cell. With fewer fat cells, the treated areas are less likely to store fat in the future.

What Happens during Honolulu MedSpa’s CoolSculpting® Plus+ Treatment?

Our CoolSculpting® Plus+ procedure gets rid of fat cells by cooling them to the point where they crystallize. This crystallization starts a process called apoptosis, where the cells shut down and die. With time your body will naturally get rid of these dead cells. The fat cells we target during CoolSculpting® Plus+ procedures are gone for good in about two months. To boot, we have added Z-Wave technology to best control the consistency, pulse, and speed of the cell break-up post treatment (normally done by hand).

What Happens to fat during the Kybella® treatment?

Kybella® treatments are performed by injecting special molecules into the area of fat beneath the chin. Normally the body produces its own version of this molecule, called deoxycholic acid, to aid in the breakdown of dietary fat in the stomach. In Kybella® treatments, a synthetic deoxycholic acid is used to break down entire fat cells in the area where we form ‘double chins’. The body naturally clears out the dead cells afterward.

Keeping Fat Off After Body Sculpting at Honolulu MedSpa

After removing fat, whether naturally or through body sculpting treatments, you’ll probably want to prevent fat from building up in the same area again. Although some of your fat cells may be removed, the ones that remain can still expand if the body is given more energy than it needs to use. Make the most of your body sculpting treatments by following a clean, healthy diet and getting plenty of regular exercise.

Looking for fat loss treatments in Hawaii? Call or visit us at Honolulu Med Spa to have all your body sculpting questions answered.

Venus Freeze vs CoolSculpting at Honolulu MedSpa

Honolulu Venus Freeze vs CoolSculpting


Honolulu MedSpa Top Treatmets—Venus Freeze & CoolSculpting

What’s the Difference?

Ready to combine your hard work and healthy lifestyle with a non-invasive, non-surgical body contouring treatment? Let Honolulu MedSpa help you create the best treatment plan. We offer two popular face and body contouring treatments—Venus Freeze™ and CoolSculpting®, both of which promote a smoother, leaner shape, contours, and smoother skin.

The good news? Neither requires surgery.

Both treatments are non-surgical, fast, and painless. But while Venus Freeze™ is great for tightening loose skin, CoolSculpting® is designed to eliminate fat in stubborn “trouble spots” that resist change despite increased exercise or improved diet. For best results, some patients combine treatments for an overall body transformation. Here’s a checklist to help you decide how and when to best utilize each innovative treatment option! However, to truly maximize your results and get a good idea as to how these treatments can serve you best, you must come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our expert team members to get the ball rolling.

Venus Freeze™CoolSculpting®
  • Shrinks fat cells.
  • Uses radio frequency energy to heat internal tissues and stimulate tissue contraction, which tightens the surrounding skin.
  • Tightens loose skin throughout the body. Venus Freeze is a great solution for loose skin on the arms, abdomen, neck, thighs, and even face.
  • Contours the body by tightening skin.
  • Great for new moms seeking to resolve post-baby skin laxity or individuals who want to tighten skin after weight loss.
  • Visible results are common after the first treatment, with permanent results occurring after 3 to 6 treatments.
  • Destroys fat cells.
  • Temperature manipulation freezes and eliminates unwanted fat. Damaged fat cells are removed by the body.
  • Great for fat reduction in “trouble” spots like love handles, abdomen, or upper thighs.
  • Contours the body by removing excess fat stores.
  • Perfect for healthy and active people with localized fat stores that do not respond to diet or exercise.
  • Results are most often seen after two months, the time needed by the body to eliminate frozen fat cells. Results are maintained by continued diet and exercise.

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