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About​​ AFT/IPL or Advanced Fluorescence Technology | Intense Pulsed Light.

What Is AFT/IPL?

AFT stands for Advanced Fluorescence Technology, and IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light.  IPL laser treatments and AFT laser therapy is an advanced, next generation of IPL laser therapy.  It is also known as a photo rejuvenation or photo facial.

Is AFT/IPL Right For Me?

AFT laser is perfect for tightening facial wrinkles such as crow’s feet and fine lines around the mouth and lips .  It is also helps at reducing spider veins acne scars and treating pigmentation concerns and sun damaged skin.

The Best is Even Better

Refresh and revitalize your complexion! The next generation of AFT has arrived, available in Hawaii exclusively at Honolulu MedSpa, to help you restore fresh, beautiful skin.

AFT/IPL at Honolulu MedSpa

Target signs of aging, brown spots, and uneven skin tone with the latest technology.

Our technicians are expertly trained in the most groundbreaking treatments to provide patients with unparalleled results*. Our AFT treatments provide an amazingly refreshed and brightened complexion, with the most sophisticated laser and light-based systems available on the market.

Is AFT Painful?

No.. AFT is virtually pain free. We take great care in ensuring that the procedure is very comfortable for you. AFT can provide Radiant, luminescent skin and it shouldn’t be something you only dream of, Honolulu MedSpa can now offer it! AFT from Alma Lasers™ is the next generation of intense pulsed light, also commonly referred to as the “PhotoFacial.” It takes formerly unused short-wavelength light and uses a special filtering system to convert it into the usable spectrum, making the treatment safe and effective. AFT treatments precisely target the unwanted blood vessels and melanin associated with freckles, sun spots, flushing, ruddy skin, and rosacea – while gently preserving surrounding tissue. The result is smooth, beautiful, picture perfect skin that inspires our patients to ditch their foundation in favor of lighter formulations*.

It’s a favorite treatment for a reason!

Patients often claim to look naturally younger and healthier, without the artificial look of other cosmetic treatments, making AFT one of Honolulu MedSpa’s most popular treatment options.

*Treatment results may vary. All opinions expressed are personal and subjective to each patient.


“The AFT results exceeded my expectations! My unwanted sun spots were dramatically lightened, and the texture of my skin greatly improved. The icing on the cake was the positive, unsolicited comments from my co-workers.”
–Libby L.*

“I had my second AFT, and I’m surprised at the results. Instantly, overnight, my skin tone is less red and way more even! My skeptical husband is the one who mentioned it first.”
–Valerie Swift*

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“My first AFT Pulsed Light procedure with technician Eva went well, and I did not have any complications. Eva was very easy to talk to as well as being good at what she does. She prepared me for exactly what the procedure would feel like, to soothe my apprehension. This was my first treatment, so I’m looking forward to see the final outcome after future treatments.”
–Carol Mae Takahashi*

“Years of sun spots and inattentive attention have been ‘erased’ and changed by the staff, treatments, products, and my own dedication to good skin care. People constantly are amazed when I tell them my age. I feel younger and more confident!”
–Lisa Asato*

“I grew up in Hawaii and never used to apply sunscreen to my face. The spots appeared, but I just used concealer and makeup to cover them up. As I aged, I just used more of my products. One day, I realized I was using too much product to hide my facial flaws. I called Honolulu MedSpa and went in for a consult and asked, ‘Can you help my face to look better? Younger? Less spotty?’ The answer was yes! And, oh goodness, the results were unbelievable! I couldn’t believe the before photo. I had so many compliments from people that I looked really good (nothing like my age 50+). I feel beautiful, youthful, and grateful to the staff of Honolulu MedSpa.”

*Treatment results may vary. All opinions expressed are personal and subjective to each patient.


Pricing is 375 per treatment for the face, and start at 200 for body areas.

Pre and Post Care Instructions

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